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Alabama Liteasha Wright: Montgomery AL Daughter And Mother Missing

Alabama Liteasha Wright is the youthful mother disappeared close by her little girl. Specialists have given a Crisis Missing Youngster Alert in regards to a 19-month-old Montgomery young lady and her mom. As per the Alabama Policing, the child, Ava Dansby, was most recently seen on Walk 19 and perhaps with her mom, LiTeasha Wright, who is 21.

The two of them are accepted to be in harm’s way. Wright as of late shared a few upsetting things via online entertainment, however the conditions of the little child’s vanishing are as yet indistinct.

Alabama Liteasha Wright: Montgomery AL Girl And Mother Missing Since they are stressed for the child’s security, Police have given a crisis cautioning for a 19-month-old child and her mom. Ava Dansby was most recently seen in Montgomery, Alabama, on Walk 19, the Alabama Policing reports.

Specialists accept the baby was with her mom, 21-year-old Lateasha Wright, who was likely watching out for her kid. Since disappearing, the mother hasn’t addressed her friends and family or companions.

As indicated by the specialists, the mother is 5 feet, 6 inches tall and has eight stone, while Ava is two feet tall and two stone. She has dim hair and earthy colored eyes. The mother purportedly posted some disrupting things via virtual entertainment prior to disappearing, as indicated by Police.

A missing juvenile from Tennessee in the U.S. messaged a comparative with let them in on she was experiencing issues acclimating to her departed parent’s new passing on Walk 15 somewhere in the range of 1 and 2 am, the point at which she was most recently seen at home.

Haliey Wells, 17, allegedly quit speaking with them and vanished from online entertainment subsequent to sending the awful instant message, as indicated by her family members.

Her mom, Angela Sanders, has requested that loved ones pay special attention to her since she is probably alone and doesn’t have a vehicle.

Who Is Liteasha Wright And Ava Dansby? Liteasha Wright was brought up in Center Point, Alabama, yet she is initially from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her child is 19-month-old Ava Dansby. Focus Point filled in as her high training.

Liteasha Wright has been a given accomplice since June 7, 2020. There is, in any case, no information in regards to her accomplice as of now. She treasured moving. She either Party, voyages or practices her dance schedules at home in her extra energy.

Alabama Liteasha Wright: Montgomery AL Daughter And Mother Missing – Liteasha Wright: Montgomery AL Daughter And Mother Missing

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The confidential information concerning Liteasha Wright has been made accessible by the specialists. She has dull hair and earthy colored eyes. She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 113 pounds. Liteasha Wright is Ava Dansby’s mom. She weighs 30 pounds and is 2 feet tall.

Are Liteasha Wright And Ava Dansby Found At this point? Ava Dansby and Liteasha Wright are as yet absent. They presently can’t seem to be found. They were last tracked down in Montgomery, Alabama. The two’s families have been informed, and they are being sought after.

Prior to disappearing in Montgomery, Liteasha Wright posted mysterious self destruction admonitions on Facebook. She shared a photograph of herself supporting her child Ava Dansby with the inscription “Farewell.”

Be that as it may, it is hazy whether Liteasha Wright ended it all. As indicated by the specialists, she could be absent and not have ended it all. In any case, nothing has been affirmed at this point.

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