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Andrea Jenkins Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Instagram, Biography

Andrea Jenkins is an American lawmaker, essayist, execution craftsman, writer, and transsexual dissident. She is known for being the principal dark straightforwardly transsexual lady chose for public office in the US, serving since January 2018 on the Minneapolis City Gathering, and as the board’s leader, since January 2022.

Jenkins moved to Minnesota to go to the College of Minnesota in 1979 and was recruited by the Hennepin District government, where she labored for 10 years. Jenkins filled in as a staff part on the Minneapolis City Gathering for a considerable length of time prior to starting work as caretaker of the Transsexual Oral History Venture at the College of Minnesota’s Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Assortment in Gay, Lesbian, Sexually unbiased and Transsexual Studies.

Andrea Jenkins was born on May 10, 1961 (age 61 years) in North Lawndale, Chicago, US. She has said she experienced childhood in “a low-pay, common local area” and “resided in a few quite harsh spots.” She was raised by a single parent, Shirley Green, who was “extremely cherishing and particularly worried that we get a well-rounded schooling.”

Jenkins partook in the Fledgling Scouts when she was youthful nevertheless introduced as male and played football at Robert Lindblom Math and Science Foundation prior to moving to Minneapolis in 1979 to go to the College of Minnesota. In her 20s, Jenkins emerged as gay, wedded a lady, became a parent, and separated.

At 30, she started to apparently present as female and gotten back to school to complete her four year certification from Metropolitan State College, which she followed by procuring two graduate degrees a MFA in experimental writing from Hamline College and a MS in local area monetary improvement from Southern New Hampshire College. During which, Jenkins filled in as a professional guide for the Hennepin District government.

In 2018, Andrea Jenkins finished Harvard College’s John F. Kennedy School of Taxpayer supported initiative for Senior Chiefs in State and Neighborhood Government as a David Bohnett LGBTQ Triumph Foundation Initiative individual.

Andrea Jenkins labored for 10 years as a professional guide with Hennepin Province. In 2001, Robert Lilligren, who was running for a seat on the Minneapolis City Committee, requested that Jenkins be a piece of his mission. After his political decision, Jenkins joined Lilligren’s staff where she functioned as a helper for quite some time.

In 2005, Elizabeth Glidden was chosen for the City Board and recruited Jenkins as a helper, to some extent for Jenkins’ broad organization that she had developed during her time in Lilligren’s office. While on Glidden’s staff, Jenkins procured a cooperation devoted to transsexual issues and assisted with laying out the Transsexual Issues Work Gathering in 2014.


In 2014, Andrea Jenkins coordinated a City Chamber culmination on transsexual value expected to feature the issues trans individuals in Minnesota face. In 2015, following 12 years as a strategy helper with the Minneapolis City Gathering, Jenkins started work at the College of Minnesota’s Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Assortment in Gay, Lesbian, Sexually open and Transsexual Studies where she organizes the Transsexual Oral History Venture (TOHP).

Lisa Vecoli, caretaker of the Tretter Assortment, noticed that the materials inside the assortment will generally be gay white male-centered. In her job as custodian of the TOHP, Jenkins will look to extend the trans stories filed in the assortment by recording oral narratives from up to 300 people, adding up to upwards of 400 hours of meetings.

Andrea Jenkins reported in December 2016 that she would race to address Minneapolis’ eighth Ward on the City Chamber. Glidden, who held the seat, reported that she wouldn’t run for re-appointment. Jenkins’ mission motto was “Administration. Access. Value.” With Hayden Mora, Jenkins established Trans Joined Asset, a political activity council (PAC) to help transsexual up-and-comers.

On November 7, 2017, Jenkins won the political decision with over 70% of the vote. The Minneapolis City Gathering has just had six other Dark individuals. During the 2017 political decision, three Dark chamber individuals came out on top in their races. She was chosen VP of the City Committee by her individual councilors soon after her political decision.

Shas likewise filled in as seat of the new Race Value Subcommittee and made a Racial Value People group Warning Panel comprising of city occupants. The eighth Ward that Jenkins addresses incorporates the 38th Road and Chicago Road crossing point where George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis cop on May 25, 2020.

Notwithstanding at first supporting the abolishment of the Minneapolis Police Division following the homicide of George Floyd, Jenkins later chose, following a new influx of shootings, to rather uphold having police actually answer calls and take care of their business to “serve and secure” the local area, and on second thought made due with supporting the work for Minneapolis to zero in on making more schools, lodging and different administrations that keep individuals from seeking after wrongdoing or going to brutality.

Andrea Jenkins upheld endeavors to return George Floyd Square, an involved dissent of a road convergence that continued for north of a year after Floyd’s homicide however needed to likewise lay out a long-lasting dedication there. Jenkins was reappointed to the Minneapolis City Board in November 2021, and was named City Committee President on January 10, 2022, in a consistent vote.

On June 27, 2021, Andrea Jenkins, the VP of the Minneapolis City Committee, was associated with a showdown with racial equity activists at a Pride occasion in midtown Minneapolis. A gathering that included Donald Whore Jr, a pioneer with Twin Urban communities Alliance for Equity 4 Jamar (alluding to Jamar Clark), impeded the vehicle Jenkins was a traveler in for a few hours and introduced a rundown of six requests that Jenkins was approached to consent to her arrangement to.

The requests remembered dropping charges against nonconformists for late exhibitions, requiring the quick renunciation of Minneapolis City hall leader Jacob Frey, proceeding with the conclusion of George Floyd Square, and giving more data about examinations of ongoing police killings. After Jenkins consented to the arrangement, activists moved far removed to permit the vehicle to drive away.

Whore posted a 23-minute video of part of the experience to Facebook. In an explanation about the episode, Jenkins said she was dealt with obtusely and held despite her desire to the contrary by the demonstrators. The article leading group of the Star Tribune paper reprimanded what is depicted as endeavored terrorizing of Jenkins and contrasted parts of the impeding occurrence with the 2021 US State house assault.

In 2010, Jenkins won the Bare Stages award from the Jerome Establishment and Pillsbury House Theater. She made “Body Parts: Reflections on Reflections”. Jenkins was one of a few dozen ladies highlighted on the January 29, 2018, Time cover. The article was about the numerous ladies who campaigned for office in 2017 and 2018. Five of the ladies included were lesbian and transsexual competitors, all beneficiaries of cash from the LGBTQ Triumph Asset.

In June 2020, out of appreciation for the 50th commemoration of the principal LGBTQ pride march, Queerty named her among the fifty legends “driving the country toward balance, acknowledgment, and nobility for all individuals”. Andrea Jenkins was remembered for the 2022 Quick Organization Strange 50 rundown.

She has taken part in the Trans Lives Matter development and led the leading body of Intermedia Expressions. In 2015, Jenkins was fabulous marshal of the Twin Urban communities Pride March. Jenkins has refered to Barack Obama, Harold Washington, the Dark Jaguar Party, Jeremiah Wright, and Jesse Jackson as having affected her to be engaged with legislative issues.

Andrea Jenkins is hitched and has a girl. Jenkins is an exhibition craftsman, artist, and essayist who recognizes as sexually open and strange. She is a grandma. Her own mom presently lives in Ward 8. She has an accomplice of eight years. Jenkins was determined to have numerous sclerosis in 2018. She remains at an engaging level of 1.73m and has a decent body weight which suits her character. As of mid-2022, Andrea Jenkins is as yet hitched to her long-lasting accomplice.

How much is Andrea Jenkins worth? Andrea Jenkins total assets is assessed at around $4 million. Her principal kind of revenue is from her vocation as a legislator, essayist, execution craftsman, and writer. Jenkins compensation each month with other profession profit is more than $1.2 million yearly. She is one of the most extravagant and most compelling transsexual lawmakers in the US. Jenkyns fruitful profession has procured her a few extravagant ways of life and a few extravagant vehicles trips.Twitter account.

Name Andrea Jenkins
Net Worth $4 million
Salary $1.2 million
Occupation Politician
Age 61 years
Height 1.73m

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