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Calls From the Inside on ID: What happened to Heather Frank?

Heather Frank was a single parent of-two from Greeley and one of the suspects in the February 2020 killing of a Colorado performer, Scott Meetings, whom she was dating at that point.

A couple of days after the fact, Frank was viewed as dead – shot two times and enveloped by plastic sheeting – and was possible killed by her vicious and envious ex, Kevin Eastman, who was named the other suspect in the homicide. Observation film and telephone records demonstrated that Frank and her ex were cooperating to conceal Meetings’ killing.

Seems Heather Frank was engaged with Scott Meetings’ homicide and additionally conceal. Examiners say #KevinEastman then, at that point, killed Heather Frank later in the week. Perhaps she planned to go to the police? Numerous observers today depicted aggressive behavior at home from Eastman to Heather Frank (3/3)
Agents accepted Eastman killed the artist out of envy and afterward shot Frank since she saw the homicide. He was indicted for twofold crime last July, getting two life sentences.

An impending episode of Calls From Within will narrative the confusing case in an episode named Flares of Desire, booked to air on Tuesday, Walk 14, 2023, at 9 pm ET.

The summary of the episode peruses:

“The consuming group of trumpet player Scott Meetings lies seething along a mountainside street; an examination uncovers three possible suspects, in addition to another dead body, however calls from a detainee at the Weld Province Prison uncover the genuine killer.”Heather Frank was taken shots two times at short proximity by her savage ex for being the main observer to a homicide

On February 16, 2020, Heather Frank’s body was found enveloped by a plastic sheet at a Weld Province property that had a place with her ex, Kevin Eastman’s boss. The last option was recently seen at the property watching out for a fire. Frank was shot two times in the chest at short proximity.

That very day, Eastman was captured at a service station while he endeavored to top off a compartment with petroleum. At that point, he was conveying shots in his pockets that matched those used to kill the person in question.

He at first let specialists know that Frank had killed performer Scott Meetings, whom she was purportedly dating at that point, and that he had assisted her with disposing of the body. He, nonetheless, demanded he didn’t kill her.

Specialists accepted in any case. They asserted that Eastman went unannounced to Frank’s home on February 8 to ask her for one more opportunity and reunite. In any case, he found out about her gathering with Meetings. Eastman then trapped the performer close to the entry with a blade. Specialists tracked down a pool of blood at the spot in Frank’s loft.

They accepted that Kevin Eastman constrained Heather Frank to conceal Scott Meetings’ killing and later killed her for being the sole observer to the wrongdoing. It was claimed that Frank was unnerved by her vicious ex and aided him out of dread after he brutally slit Meetings’ jugular.

Heather Frank had quite recently begun seeing Scott Meetings subsequent to escaping an unpredictable relationship with Eastman

Heather Frank, the mother of three, had been in a difficult seven-year relationship with her ex, Kevin Eastman, who battled with liquor addiction as his life spiraled wild. Eastman likewise had an attitude that Frank needed to manage during their vicious and oppressive relationship. According to accounts, he was controlling and compromised her on various events.

Their unpredictable relationship finished at some point in 2018, after which Frank dated likely. Then, at that point, on January 22, 2020, the 48-year-old mother met performer Scott Meetings from the Colorado band, The Movers and Shakers, at a Wednesday night blues jam show.

The two had been on something like one date and were booked to meet again at Heather Frank’s Greeley loft on February 8. That was the last time Scott Meetings addressed his dad. A snowplow driver found his to some extent consumed and almost beheaded body two days after the fact. The body was enclosed by plastic close to a consuming log.

The examination that followed persuaded specialists to think that Frank and her ex were associated with the grim killing, particularly subsequent to finding blood proof at the previous’ home, where the casualty was available on the night he was last alive. Criminal investigators even followed the previous couple’s whereabouts, who were most recently seen together on February 15. The next day, Frank’s body was found.

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