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Christina Milian’s Ethnicity and Parents: Don Flores and Carmen Milian

Christina Milian is of Afro-Cuban identity, and her folks are Wear Flores and Carmen Milian. She was born on September 26, 1981, and is most popular for her parts in films, for example, Love Don’t Cost A Thing and Resort To Cherish, among others. Christina Milian’s folks were hitched for a very long time, from 1980-1994, and while they were hitched, they had three youngsters together, including Christina herself. This article centers around the nationality of the entertainer/vocalist as well as the personality of her folks.

What Identity is Christina Milan? Christina Milan is Afro-Cuban. The entertainer’s mom and her family moved to New Jersey in the US of America when she (Christina’s mom) was just five years of age. The region where they in the long run settled was possessed by prevalently Latino individuals from different Latino nations, including Cuba, and it assisted them with staying in contact with their foundations.

As indicated by Christina’s mom, she and her kin were not permitted to communicate in the English Language at whatever point they were at home since they dreaded they would fail to remember the language. Then again, raising Christina and her kin, similarly was a seriously difficult possibility for Christina’s folks in light of the proclivity of Latino youngsters towards speaking exclusively in the English language whenever they are presented to schools and neighborhoods without as much Latino presence as theirs.

Christina and her kin have, nonetheless, figured out how to make sense of their Cuban roots and can easily have a discussion in Spanish as much as anyone else.

The entertainer/vocalist has spoken about the heap of inquiries and difficulties that she looked because of her a lot more obscure complexion which she said individuals didn’t comprehend due to their restricted information on the way that Latinos shift in variety, shape, and size.



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What Identity Is Christina Milian? Christina Milian is an American resident. She was born Christine Marie Flores on September 26, 1981, in Jersey City, New Jersey, US.

The entertainer/vocalist could likewise lay serious cases to Cuban identity assuming she so wanted because of her folks’ Cuban legacy. It is likewise critical to take note of that she embraced her mom’s original last name, Milian, after her folks’ separation. This was finished to expand her possibilities at the tryouts she went to consistently at that point.

In spite of the fact that she was born in New Jersey, Christina was brought up in Waldorf, Maryland, Los Angeles, after she moved there with her mom and sisters as a 13-year-old youngster.

The entertainer has lived basically a whole lifetime in the US, including dating and in the end wedding a US resident sooner or later. Christina Milian has, notwithstanding, never wanted to conceal her Cuban legacy. In actuality, and notwithstanding the different misguided judgments about her kin, she delights in the uniqueness that her Cuban legacy gives her.

Christina Milian’s Folks Were Hitched For a long time Christina Milian’s folks, Wear Flores and Carmen Milian, both from Havana, Cuba, met during the last part of the 1970s to mid 1980s.

How they met or how long they dated has been eclipsed by the occasions of their marriage. The previous couple allegedly secured the bunch in 1980, albeit the specific date of their wedding is obscure right now. Simply a year into their marriage, the couple invited their most memorable kid as a team and named her Christine Marie Flores.

As referenced before, she would later interpretation of her mom’s last name by birth for work purposes and has since become referred to and recognized as Christina Milian.

41-year-old Christina was born on September 26, 1981, and has proceeded to become perhaps of the most famous face in Hollywood as well as in the music business.



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She is as of now hitched to French R&B vocalist Matt Pokora (genuine name: Matthieu Tota).

She has three kids; two children, Isaiah and Keena, with Matt, and a girl, Violet Madison Nash, with her rapper ex, The Fantasy (genuine name: Terius Hegbert Youngdell Nash).

Christina’s folks had two different youngsters before their exciting separation. Around five years after Christina was born, her folks invited another little girl who was named Danielle Whitney Flores. Danielle was born on Walk 2, 1986, and is at present 37 years of age. Danielle is a beautician and has been hitched to Richard Dickerson starting around 2013.

She likewise had three kids yet tragically lost the most youthful (Richie Bear Dickerson, born August 25, 2015, and died August 26, 2015) after only one day.

Her two enduring youngsters are Daniel Dickerson (born Walk 20, 2007) and Naomi Rose Dickerson (born June 4, 2014).

The most youthful offspring of Wear Flores and Carmen Milian is a young lady named Elizabeth Flores. Otherwise called Liz Milian, Elizabeth was born on August 13, 1987, and is at present 35 years of age. Liz Milian is a gourmet expert who was hitched to Dominique Jean-Zephirin, a resigned soccer player, from 2016 to September 2020.



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They had one child together and named him Layvin Jean-Zephirin (born January 19, 2017). Christina’s folks, Wear Flores and Carmen Milian called time on their 14-year marriage in 1994 not long after her mom and her sisters moved to Waldorf, Maryland. The requests of work and a far-removed relationship were ones that neither of them could deal with.

Who Is Christina Milian’s Father, Wear Flores? Wear Flores is a Cuban-American superstar Father who is most popular as the dad of Afro-Cuban-American vocalist, model, and entertainer, Christina Milian. Wear Flores was born Luciano Wear Flores Santi on June 30, 1962, in Havana, Cuba. His introduction to the world sign is Disease, and his nationality is Latino.

Wear Flores is 60 years of age and stands at a level of 5 feet 10 inches, weighing 276 lbs. Wear Flores’ specialty lays exclusively on his relationship with his little girl Christina and not much is been aware of how he does or made ends meet right now. Wear Flores has been hitched to a lady named Susan Rogers beginning around 2002, yet there is no sign that they have kids together.



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Meet Christina Milian’s Mother, Carmen Milian Carmen Milian was born on October 3, 1963, in Havana, Cuba. Her family moved to the US when she was five years of age, and she became known as Carmen Flores when she wedded Wear Flores in 1980. She, nonetheless, returned to her birth name of Milian after her separation from Wear Flores was settled in 1994.

Carmen Flores is at present her girls’ chief and regardless of the difficulties she guarantees comes from being a momager, seems, by all accounts, to be doing a seriously incredible occupation of it. Carmen motivated her little girls into the universe of style and displaying with her specialty of making porcelain dolls for clients when they were extremely youthful.



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She isn’t simply a maker (for the unscripted TV drama Turned Up) and director, she is likewise a shrewd business visionary. She and her girl co-own Viva Diva Wines, an endeavor they obtained after Christina had been a brand envoy for them for some time. Mother and little girl have both discussed the other’s priceless commitments towards the progress of their joint endeavor.

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