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Damiano Rotolo Obituary, Death & Funeral Update

The unexpected passing of Damiano Rotolo, a green bean in the Ursinus men’s wrestling crew in Aberdeen, New Jersey, on Spring 26th, 2023, has left the whole local area grief stricken and in dismay. Damiano’s less than ideal passing has pointed out the prosperity and wellbeing of youthful competitors, stressing the significance of suitable clinical help in sports.

As Ursinus and the more extensive wrestling local area grieve the deficiency of promising youthful ability, his tribute has profoundly impacted them.

Who is Damiano Rotolo? Damiano Rotolo, a prominent grappler, was born on February 11, 2004, in Aberdeen, New Jersey.

He finished his secondary school training at Matawan Territorial prior to signing up for Ursinus School to seek after a degree in finance.

Damiano’s kin incorporate just Sara. In his extra time, he takes pleasure in developing prickly plants and savoring cheeseburgers. “Violet” by Conservative Paths is among his main tunes.

Damiano Rotolo Reason for Death It is with profound lament that we declare the death of Damiano Rotolo, the child of Lucio and Giovanni Rotolo.

Damiano, an eminent grappler who dwelled in Aberdeen, New Jersey, died normally throughout the end of the week.

It is with great sorrow that we share the passing of our beloved teammate and friend, Damiano Rotolo.

— Ursinus College Wrestling (@UrsinusW) March 27, 2023

The reason for his passing is right now obscure, and no sources near Damiano have affirmed the data.

Rotolo’s Heritage: A Recognition for a Darling Grappler and Companion Rotolo contended in two matches at the 141 lb. weight class during the 2022-23 season’s Will Abele Invitational for the Bears. Mentor Joe Jamison portrayed Dam as a great partner and companion to all who knew him.

He had a unique ability for making individuals giggle when they required it most, and his veritable consideration for others was obvious. Dam’s attractive character pulled in individuals to him. As an exceptional understudy competitor, he got Ursinus together with a promising future ahead. His nonattendance will be significantly felt by everybody.

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