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Dave Portnoy Coke Video Sparked A Controversy On Social Media

In the episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Dave Portnoy talked about his rough relationship with ESPN. The debate encompassing Dave Portnoy’s coke video created a ruckus via web-based entertainment. During the most recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Barstool Sports pioneer Dave Portnoy momentarily talked about his rough relationship with ESPN.

In 2017, ESPN president John Captain unexpectedly dropped Barstool Van Talk after only one episode, refering to a powerlessness to remove the show from Barstool.

After the choice, Portnoy named Captain a foe and speedily commended his matter-of-fact renunciation sometime thereafter.

Joe Rogan had never known about John Captain before this week, yet on the off chance that it really depended on him, Captain would in any case be running Disney’s games organization.

The coke outrage  At the point when Portnoy referenced Captain’s name, Rogan was shocked to discover that Captain left his situation as leader of ESPN following a cocaine blackmail endeavor.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea what that’s identity is,” Rogan said when Portnoy, who momentarily took his Barstool image to ESPN before a fast separation.

“He needed to leave ESPN as a result of a coke seller? That is f*cking so idiotic, the person was doing coke.”

“I figure in that world, you couldn’t concede you coked,” Rogan proceeded. “It’s a moronic world. It’s a moronic reality where you need to claim to be a phony individual.” Rogan couldn’t completely accept that somebody would lose their employment over something as minor as cocaine use, expressing that “the person accomplished great work, so he gets a kick out of the chance to do a little coke.” Captain’s takeoff from ESPN in 2017 was at first credited to a substance habit, however months after the fact, he uncovered that a blackmail endeavor prompted his renunciation.

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As per Captain, somebody he purchased cocaine from endeavored to blackmail him, which put him and his family in danger. Captain revealed the subtleties to his family, and when he examined it with Disney Chief Bounce Iger, they concurred that Captain had set the organization in an illogical position and thus, he ought to leave.

He expressed that Captain accomplished great work and had been with Disney for a considerable length of time, so he probably been ever figuring things out in the event that they had kept him employed for that long. Rogan likewise censured the idea that individuals in Captain’s position can’t concede to taking medications, saying that it’s a dumb existence where you should claim to be a phony individual. Unexpectedly, Rogan’s UFC editorial currently airs on ESPN, to some extent in view of Captain’s takeoff.

It’s been recorded that Captain wasn’t a devotee of MMA, and his exit opened the entryway for Dana White to arrive at a rights manage ESPN. Captain is presently the President of Dan Le Batard’s Meadowlark Media, and keeping in mind that Rogan might not have known who he was before this week, his name is surely back in the news now.

The conversation on The Joe Rogan Experience about Captain’s abdication has ignited banter about the results of substance misuse and the disgrace encompassing medication use in specific businesses. While Rogan might accept that Captain’s collection of work ought to have kept him utilized at ESPN, it’s significant that many organizations have severe approaches against drug use. Representatives who abuse those arrangements can confront serious outcomes.

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