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Han So-hee Is Set To Be Featured As A Main Lead In Upcoming Movie “Heavy Snow”

Han So-hee, eminent for her magnificent exhibition, is scheduled to show up in the Young lady Love (GL) film Weighty Snow. Up until this point, a couple of bits of insights concerning the image have been revealed. The secret for the film is supposed to be distributed in South Korea in December 2022, with specific arrangements showing more about Han So-hee’s personality.

One of the most charming parts of the image, Han So-hee’s principal co-star, presently can’t seem to be disclosed. Be that as it may, the entertainer seemed to have shared stills from the location of the approaching film, one of which showed her setting down in the snow with one of her co-stars.

Beside this impending energizing venture, the well known entertainer has recently worked on various fascinating shows since taking on lead jobs in 2020, incorporating In any case with Melody Kang, Soundtrack with Park Hyung-sik, and My Name with Park Hee-seon and Ahn Bo-hyun. Weighty Snow, Gyeongseong Animal, and The Cost of Admission are among the activities underway for the 28-year-old K-entertainer.

What is the plot of Han So-hee’s impending Young lady Love film Weighty Snow? There is as of now very little data open about the film, however what is known is that Weighty Snow will zero in on the development of friendship and warmth between the two principal young women.

In the secret, the In any case entertainer’s personality is seen drifting around in a club as a person moves toward her and guarantees her, “I said I’m OK.” After the person has left, a woman approaches Han So-hee and shouts:

“How long would you say you will imagine you don’t have the foggiest idea?” “Do you know how long I’ve been searching for you?”



한소희 (@xeesoxee)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

A question is clearly creating between the two ladies, and it has obviously influenced them both profoundly. In the accompanying situation, Han So-hee requests that her companion settle down, however this other young woman isn’t prepared to regard. All things considered, she is interested regarding the reason why the previous has been overlooking her this time.

As indicated by reports, the film might manage the troubles of endorsement and emerging, or it might just be a romantic tale. Up until this point, no proper delivery plan for the GL picture has been uncovered. It will, be that as it may, be introduced as a component of the Korea Contest round at the impending 24th Jeonju Global Film Celebration one month from now.

The video is likewise depicted on the occasion site as follows:

“While going among Gangneung and Seoul, two secondary school understudies fall head over heels and experience a scope of feelings.” In spite of their existence separation, the image portrays the two sisters’ feelings for each other. It likewise incorporates film of Han So-hee in her initial years.”

The previously mentioned movie celebration is a setting for indie chiefs to feature their imaginative works. It means to help the various ways of current film workmanship.

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