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Indian Consulate in San Francisco attacked by pro-Khalistani protesters as Punjab imposes internet ban

A gathering of favorable to Khalistani dissenters went after and harmed the Indian Department in San Francisco
The Khalistan issue alludes to a nonconformist Sikh development in India
The assault offended Indian-Americans

On Sunday, a gathering of supportive of Khalistani dissidents went after and harmed the Indian Department in San Francisco, provoking shock among Indian Americans who encouraged earnest activity against those capable.

The Khalistan issue alludes to a dissenter Sikh development in India that means to make a Sikh country inside the Punjab locale. The proposed state would be comprised of land that is by and by split between Punjab, India, and Punjab, Pakistan.

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Nonconformists yelling supportive of Khalistan trademarks destroyed improvised security obstructions raised by civil police and set two supposed Khalistani banners inside the Department grounds. These banners were immediately eliminated by two government office workers.

Before long, a gathering of perturbed demonstrators raged into the department and started beating on the entryways and windows with the bars they were holding.

After London, now San Francisco – Indian consulate in San Francisco is attacked by Khalistan supporters. For Modi’s security, Rs 584 crores spent every year, but India’s diplomatic missions are left unsecured.

— Ashok Swain (@ashoswai) March 20, 2023

Supportive of Khalistan demonstrators went after the Department of India working in San Francisco, as per local area pioneer Ajay Bhutoria. “This demonstration of brutality isn’t just a danger to political relations between the US and India, however it is likewise an assault on our local area’s tranquility and concordance,” he said.

Bhutoria encouraged nearby authorities in a proclamation to make a quick move against those liable for the assault and subject them to equity. “I additionally empower all individuals from our local area to cooperate to advance harmony and concordance,” he said.

“Allow us to cooperate towards an existence where all networks can reside in harmony and common regard. We should not allow such occurrences to isolate us or plant the seeds of scorn and savagery. Our solidarity lies in our solidarity, and together we can defeat any test,” he added.

“We are likewise dismayed by the total breakdown of the rule of law in both London and SFO, where a couple of radicalized separatists went after India’s strategic missions,” said the Establishment for India and Indian Diaspora Studies (FIIDS) following the assault on the Indian Department in San Francisco by supportive of Khalistani nonconformists.

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