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Inside Tati Westbrook’s Relationship With Husband James and the Family She Grew Up In

Tati Westbrook is an eminent American cosmetics craftsman, vlogger, and web character. Strikingly, she is the cerebrum behind the YouTube channel, Tati (previously GlamLifeGuru).

She is the spouse of James Westbrook whom she met in 2010, got drawn in to in 2012 and hitched on the eleventh of January 2017.

Tati Westbrook has effectively transformed her energy into a long lasting calling. Despite the fact that she began as a picture specialist, Tati has since changed into a cosmetics craftsman and YouTuber with the send off of her channel, Tati (previously GlamLifeGuru).

In that, she shares cosmetics instructional exercises, item surveys, as well as excellence tips with her overflowing fans. Every one of these has added to her ongoing total assets of $6 million

While Tati Westbrook is appreciative for her domain of millions, the way that she needed to work without holding back to get to where she is, can’t be disregarded. She has worked not exactly spectacular positions, fought a sound portion of debate, even deferred her wedding, and furthermore encountered some fruitfulness issues.

Discuss a wedding, the cosmetics master is past the web and all the integrity it offers. She is a simple lady who partakes in some quality time with her family and is in a caring marriage with her significant other James Westbrook. The YouTuber Met Her Significant other James On A Dating Site Way back in mid 2010, Tati Westbrook was a sprouting YouTube character who was just known at the time by the name of her YouTube channel, GlamLifeGuru. It was around this equivalent time that she would meet James Westbrook who might turn into her future spouse.

Being a YouTube character, it is easy to comprehend how she met James on the web. She appears to have forever been online entertainment sharp.

The couple met on a well known web based dating website. She uncovered the subtleties of their gathering and first date in a video presented on her divert in 2012.

In the video, Tati depicts how she was exceptionally apprehensive to meet James since she had gone on many awful dates with individuals she had met on the web.

She was truly trusting circumstances would pan out among her and James as she considered him to be an exceptionally decent fellow and was simply tired of the terrible dates.



Tati Westbrook (@glamlifeguru)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Unintentionally, James was likewise similarly situated, he had continued genuinely horrendous dates too and was trusting the one with Tati would work out.

Tati had made a purpose inside herself to require a one-year break from men should her date with James not work out.

Indeed, in a bit of occasions, Tati would be the one to nearly demolish the date and quit wasting time of nearly canceling it completely.

They had consented to meet at a specific café network called Katsuya, in any case, however she found the eatery, she would later find that she was in some unacceptable area.

She had proactively been raging in her seat that James was late in the mean time she was the person who committed an error with finding the right café.

Understanding her error, Tati chose to happen with the date. While they ate, James uncovered to her how that on the off chance that their date doesn’t work, he planned to have some time off also, this was the principal closeness among them and upon it, Tati started to expand on her nearby resemblance for him.

Two years after their most memorable gathering, James had known enough of Tati to conclude that he needed to use whatever might remain of his existence with her.

He proposed to her with the assistance of her YouTube companions and made a video of it without her insight.

James asked about getting hitched the evening of their two-year commemoration as a team and did as such at similar place where they had their most memorable date.

In a bid not to explode his cover, James, as he wrote in the subtitle of the video presented on YouTube, said that he needed to hold onto her telephone and PC as well as closed out the web in the house so she wouldn’t know about his arrangements. His arrangements appeared to have worked and toward the finish of supper that day James asked and Tati said OK.

The Couple Got Hitched After An Extended Commitment In the years that followed, their great many fans expected their wedding yet it never appeared to be approaching.

All through the period that they were locked in, Tati reported their relationship on her divert notwithstanding her essential center which is magnificence related content.

At long last, the couple booked their wedding for 2015 however had it dropped for two significant reasons. The timing didn’t appear to suit Tati’s closest companion and she was unable to bear the prospect of her closest friend missing her big day so she had it dropped, likewise James’ mom and his dearest companion who should act as his best man on that day died.

It was a troublesome time for the couple and the outcome even put a burden on their commitment and they considered tapping out, however fortunately they figured out how to explore the tempest together. They had likewise thought about eloping yet chose not to proceed with it.

And afterward came 2017, on the eleventh of January which is the commemoration of their most memorable date, Tati and James Westbrook at long last got hitched.

The couple had a cozy wedding service that was held in Maui, Hawaii, where the YouTuber uncovered that her late mother by marriage supported while on her sickbed before her demise.

True to form, the couple posted a clasp of their big day on YouTube. Her make-up was finished by James Charles, a maturing YouTuber at the time whom she had taken under her tutelage.

Regardless of the contentions that appear to regularly trail Tati’s profession, the couple is by all accounts unshakable and ever behind one another. When there were reports that things were going to pieces between the two however Tati quickly exposed the cases. The couple live in Los Angeles and share a lovable canine named Poocah.

At the point when Tati was beginning as a YouTube vlogger, she didn’t uncover what her last name was. She was just known as Tati and GlamLifeGuru. She uncovered much more about her personality in a 2012 video named “Get To Know Me,” presented on her YouTube channel, in it, she uncovered that her most memorable name was Tatiana and her center name was Aleksandra, notwithstanding, she shunned uncovering her last name and said she was staying quiet about it as she was going to be hitched to her first love and was changing her name to his.

James had told her that it would be simpler for her fans in the event that she didn’t change her last name right toward the beginning of her profession. While they stood by to get hitched, Charm Magazine kind of constrained the name change as they demanded triumphing ultimately her last name when she was getting a component in the magazine, subsequently, Tati chose to begin going by her better half’s last name Westbrook. The YouTuber would later uncover her introduction to the world last name or original surname to be Krievins.

Tati’s Significant other James Is Knowledgeable about Media Business and Assisted Her Beginning Her YouTube With careering Tati, notwithstanding her affection for make-up from adolescence likewise has her better half’s business adroit abilities to thank for making her famous of popular YouTube characters.

James was the person who urged her to take her make-up abilities to the video-sharing stage when she initially sustained the thought, around 7 months into their relationship.

At the point when Tati at long last sent off her channel, she had the help of James as far as possible until it started getting forward movement in 2012, two years after its send off.

In one of her recordings, Tati uncovered that her significant other James had a decent information on the web-based media industry and was a pro at shutting arrangements and agreements as well as business improvement. James gathered this experience from long stretches of running a media organization. He filled in as the leader of Delaware’s Magnalix, LLC which would later migrate its tasks to California prior to going under in 2008. The organization fabricated attractive treatment wristbands.

James Westbrook has additionally in the mid 2000s filled in as the leader of Hollywood Diversion Accomplices Inc.

He has likewise worked at the ability office, Films as her VP. With such a portfolio, online media achievement was inescapable for his significant other Tati.

However James likes to adhere to his in the background jobs, he has highlighted every so often on Tati’s recordings. During Tati’s extended quarrel with James Charles, she uncovered that her better half aided James Charles to settle on canny business choices to assist with moving his vocation.

Together, the couple have made what can be appropriately named the Westbrook administration. The YouTuber is supposed to be worth about $15 million.

James Westbrook Hails From North Carolina James was born James Alexander Westbrook on the tenth of September 1970 and Valdese, North Carolina, to father Dr. Sidney Westbrook Jr and mother Linda Westbrook who raised him close by his two sisters, Cheryl Fennell and Beth Robinson.

He went to North State Foundation in Hickory, North Carolina from where he graduated in 1988. After secondary school, Westbrook got confessed to the Georgia Organization of Innovation for his school. His folks migrated with him to Atlanta, Georgia while his sisters stayed in their home state with the particular families they had started working with their spouses.

James’ dad died in 1994 while his mom Linda died on April 9, 2014. Linda had a decent connection with her little girl in-regulation Tati who posted a sincere recognition in her distinction after she died. Some portion of Tati’s words presented on Instagram read “… Thank you Linda for being a staggering ally of every one of my wild thoughts including YouTube and for the acknowledgment and love you provided for me from the second I met you. I’m regarded to be a piece of your loved ones.”

Tati Has Been Not able to Have Children Because of Richness Issues It has been many years of marriage for Tati and James Westbrook, be that as it may, the couple are yet to invite any natural offspring of their own. Tati really wants to be a mother and how she has been encountering ripeness issues. She transferred a video in mid 2019, where she told her fans that she would step back a piece from YouTube, to zero in on the richness medicines she is going through with her better half. At that point, she kept on keeping her fans refreshed through Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

In the video, presented on her YouTube channel, a sad Tati said the way things were profound agony in her spirit that she has been not able to have offspring of her own.

She added that being a mother would be her biggest achievement of all time. At the time she chose to have some time off from YouTube, she was likewise in the center of a frightful fight with individual YouTube vlogger, James Charles and she uncovered in the video that it was not aiding her emphasis on her wellbeing and health.

Tati got back from the break yet there is still information from her camp that she is anticipating a child.

She Is The Step-Mother of James’ Kid From A Past Relationship Tati Westbrook might not have encountered what pregnancy feels like, yet she has had the option to take advantage of her maternal impulses in building a relationship with Taylor, James’ child from a past relationship. Be that as it may, building an association with Taylor who was a young person when she initially met him was difficult. He was the testy sort who liked to keep away from her and answer with a couple of words at whatever point she attempted to speak with him.

Tati later tracked down her direction through with Taylor and took to YouTube to post a video highlighting him.

In the video, she exhorted ladies who were involved with men with children to show restraint toward them. Taylor has an energy for music and desires to expertly seek after it.

Tati Westbrook Grew Up With Three Kin Tati is the first of the four little girls born to the ability administrator, Cindy and Janis Krievins.

Her sisters incorporate Larisa Krievens and indistinguishable twins, Erika and Sabrina Krievins. She is of Latvian family.

While she didn’t have all the cash and glitz growing up, the glitz life master has depicted her family as exceptionally adoring and strong.

Tati and her sisters grew up intensely for acting and moving, this could be connected to the way that their dad was an ability supervisor.

As children, the Krievens sisters acted and moved, while Tati played little parts in plugs and on shows like “Perplexing Problems” and “Greek,” the twins, who were born on February 9, 1984, acted in The X-Records (1993). Their job as the Eves clones (Teena Simmons and Cindy Reardon) shot them to notoriety.

Aside from The X-Documents, they have done a few other minor jobs and ads. Sabrina has been hitched to Russell Phillips with whom she has a kid who was born on October 19, 2011. Erika, then again, is the spouse of Dylan Patterson. They got hitched on July 19, 2013. Tati imparts a nearby cling to her sisters who show up on her YouTube channel.

Profile Summary
First Name: Tatiana
Last Name: Westbrook
Also Known As: Tati, GlamLifeGuru
Sex/Gender: Female
Profession: Internet personality, YouTuber, makeup artist, businesswoman
Famous For: Her company, Halo Beauty
Colleges/Universities Attended: N/A
Educational Qualifications: N/A
Religion: Christianity
Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth: 41 years old (14 February 1982)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Birth Place: Seattle, Washington, United States
Nationality: American
Ethnicity/Race: Latvian
Country of Residence: United States of America (USA)
Physical Attributes
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches (1.73 m)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Other Body Measurements: N/A
Marital Status: Married
Spouse/Partner: James Westbrook
(m. 2017)
Family and Relatives
Father: Janis Krievins
Mother: Cindy Krievins
Children: N/A
Siblings: 3 Sisters – Erika, Sabrina and Larisa
Other Relatives: N/A
Net Worth
Estimated Net Worth: $6 million
Salary: $1 to $2 million annually
Source of Wealth: Various endeavor

Age/Date of Birth: 41 years old (14 February 1982)
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches (1.73 m)
Ethnicity/Race: Latvian
Nationality: American
Husband or Boyfriend: James Westbrook
(m. 2017)
Parents: Mother: Cindy Krievins
Father: Janis Krievins
Net Worth: $6 million

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