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Inside The Prince Family With Bianca Raines, Damien and their Kids

The Sovereign Family is a well known family on YouTube, renowned for its video blogs. Their channel follows the day to day routines of its six individuals, including guardians Damien and Bianca, as well as their four beautiful youngsters; DJ, Kyrie, Nova, and Ayla.

This American family is most popular for their family-situated YouTube content, which comprises basically of video blogs like trick recordings, challenge recordings, and responses. Together, they have kept approximately 9 million supporters engaged over the most recent a long time since they joined the vlogging stage in 2016.

How Old is Damien from the Ruler Family? Damien Antwon Ruler is 31 years of age. He was born on February 18, 1992, in Post Wayne, Indiana, US of America, and grew up with his folks, Damion Cryer and Sybrena Cooper, as well as his four half-kin named Antone Cooper, Darion Cryer, Sypairra Cooper, and Margaret Encourage.

Damien completed secondary school at the South Side Secondary School in his Indiana area yet never continued to school. He rather started maintaining odd sources of income to make due. He experienced childhood in a low-pay family, and as a youngster, he was in many cases on some unacceptable side of the law.

Subsequent to getting tossed all through prison on numerous occasions, he was at last ready to hold down a closefisted occupation at a pizza shop. Tragically, life was getting considerably more troublesome as a result of his terrible prison record. He then, at that point, chose to begin vlogging close by then-pregnant sweetheart Biannca.



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Damien had the option to turn his fortunes around as the thought was a crushing achievement, immediately catapulting him and his family into fame and independence from the rat race.

He is currently also called the patriarch of the Ruler Family and is the cerebrum behind the whole arrangement of all the YouTube channels that include his loved ones.

Damien Sovereign Has Been in a Drawn out Relationship with Bianca Ruler Bianca Ryann Raines is a 26-year-old American video content maker who is likewise significantly perceived as Damien Sovereign’s better half. She was born on Walk 6, 1997, and like her significant other Damien, is from Post Wayne, Indiana.

She was something like 16 years of age when she started working at a similar eatery as her drawn out accomplice, Damien.

While there is next to no had some significant awareness of Bianca’s initial life, it is easy to reason that she wasn’t born into a wealthy family. As per reports from Damien Ruler, while he functioned as the director of Little Caesars Pizza, Bianca was a youthful, green worker under his watch. Their relationship before long advanced from an expert one into something more personal, and it wasn’t well before they began dating. Sentiment for Damien and Bianca was not a ruddy encounter at first, as the couple endured such countless monetary troubles.

They turned into an authority couple in 2014, and this was unintentionally that very year that Bianca got pregnant with their most memorable kid. From Damien’s story, pregnant Biannca was maintaining two sources of income while he was scarcely holding it down at the pizza shop. It was right now that the couple chose to attempt to get into YouTube vlogging.

They did this by transferring a three-section narrative on YouTube about their lives, and it’s just been uphill from that point.

Damien and Bianca Dated for quite a long time Prior to Getting Hitched The connection among Damien and Bianca Ruler is saturated with such a lot of discussion, mostly in light of the fact that Biannca was a minor when they started dating. They began seeing each other in 2012 when Damien was 20 and Biannca was just 15.



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She was going to get into her senior year at secondary school and was a famous team promoter too. Two years down the line, she got pregnant, and they moved in together.

In the wake of being seen as at legitimate fault for unseemly way of behaving by Caesar, Damien was laid off from work. They then, at that point, chose to go into vlogging on YouTube to bring in sufficient cash to earn enough to get by. Their functioning relationship was motivated by the well known YouTube couples Jesse and Jeana and Roman Atwood.

In 2016, Damien and Biannca got ready for marriage, and it was recorded live on YouTube. They got hitched in 2017 in a confidential service in Texas.

Unexpectedly, the wedding was live-transferred on YouTube. They utilized the potential chance to film two or three wedding tricks, including one where their wedding was gatecrashed by Damien’s dad. Up until this point, their marriage has gone on for the beyond 6 years, despite the fact that they have been engaged with numerous outrages from that point forward.

One thing is clear, in any case, and that is the way that the Sovereigns won’t hesitate to involve their family issues for YouTube content.

What is the Ruler Family’s Total assets? Following Damien Ruler found how rewarding vlogging was, he quickly settled four other YouTube channels, and all have had shifting levels of progress. Their best channel right now is The Sovereign Family channel which flaunts north of 9 million supporters since its creation a long time back.

Different channels related with the renowned family incorporate ‘The Ruler Family Clubhouse’ with 2.3 million supporters, ‘D&B Country’ with 4.11 million endorsers, ‘Damien and Biannca’ with 1.05 million supporters, ‘Biannca Sovereign’ with 1.7 million supporters, and ‘GamingWithD&B’ with 327k supporters.

With the exception of the last, the wide range of various channels have accumulated great many perspectives each, going from 20 all out million perspectives on ‘Damien and Bianca’ to more than 2 billion perspectives on ‘The Ruler Family’ channel. While the absolute total assets of every individual from the family is at this point unclear, their all out total assets could be assessed by computing the amount they make from each channel each month. Our unpleasant computations carry their profit to somewhere around $100k each month on each channel.

This implies that the Ruler Family procures something like 300k to 500k consistently through vlogging on YouTube.

Who Are The Sovereign Family Children Damien and Biannca are guardians to four delightful children — two children and two girls.

Their names are Damien Antwon Sovereign Jr. what’s more, Kyrie Denail Ruler (children), and Nova Effortlessness Sovereign and Ayla Confidence Sovereign (girls).



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Damien Antwon Ruler Jr., affectionately called DJ by his family, was born on February 9, 2015, and is as of now 8 years of age. Kyrie Denail Sovereign followed on December 11, 2016.

He is right now 6 years of age. Their most memorable little girl, Nova Elegance Sovereign, was born on April 29, 2019. She is 3 years of age as of now.

The family invited their keep going extra part on October 26, 2020, in the individual of Ayla Confidence Ruler. At the point when gotten some information about how agreeable he felt while allowing his youngsters to highlight widely in their recordings, Damien said that the antagonism from outsiders on the web was hard for himself as well as his better half.

He went further to make sense of this by saying, “it’s difficult to put your children out there and subject them to derisive remarks and judgment.” Notwithstanding earning enough to pay the bills on-camera, Damien and Biannca bond with their youngsters by following severe shooting plans. They don’t film after 6 pm, as well as during ends of the week.



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Where Does The Ruler Family Reside? As of now, the group of six has kept up with Texas as their headquarters. While neither parent experienced childhood in the Southern state, they moved there in 2016 and have stayed there from that point forward while developing their loved ones. In spite of the fact that they are building another family house without any preparation right now, the area subtleties have been painstakingly disguised from general society to guarantee the wellbeing of their youngsters.

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