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Is Malia Obama Gay/Lesbian? Rumor Or Truth?

This is an inquiry that has been posed to many times throughout the long term, and one doesn’t have a conclusive response.

While there is no proof to propose that Malia Obama is gay or lesbian, her folks, previous President Barack Obama and First Woman Michelle Obama have forever been vocal about their help for the LGBTQ+ people group. In 2015, when the High Court decided for sanctioning same-sex marriage cross country, the Obamas celebrated by illuminating the White House in rainbow tones.

President Barack Obama and First Woman Michelle Obama with family Michelle Obama even uncovered that she and Malia had slipped away the White House to jump into the public festival.

Malia has likewise been seen getting a charge out of Chick-fil-An in spite of its past enemy of LGBTQ+ position.

In any case, her sister Sasha was as of late spotted at a Pride march in Washington D.C., recommending that the two sisters are steady of LGBTQ+ freedoms.

Truly we might in all likelihood can’t be sure if or not Malia Obama is gay, yet what we cannot deny is that her family has consistently defended equivalent freedoms and acknowledgment surprisingly paying little mind to sexual direction or orientation personality.

I mean … can we blame them?! Michelle and Malia Obama snuck out of the White House to celebrate gay marriage 🌈

— Blavity (@Blavity) November 20, 2018

Who is Malia Obama? Malia Obama is the girl of previous President Barack Obama and First Woman Michelle Obama.

Born on July 4, 1998 in Chicago, Illinois, Malia has grown up to be a refined author, entertainer and maker.

She as of late composed for Donald Glover’s new series and is presently chipping away at her own ventures. Malia is likewise an energetic supporter for civil rights issues and has been engaged with various associations that emphasis on enabling youngsters. She works in media outlets and is seeking after her studies at Harvard College.

Who are Malia Obama’s folks and what do they do? Malia Obama, the little girl of previous President Barack Obama and previous First Woman Michelle Obama, comes from a family with a solid tradition of public help, regulation, and legislative issues. From 2009 to 2017, the 44th Leader of the US was her dad, Barack Obama.

Preceding his administration, he was a Representative from Illinois, a social equality legal counselor, and an instructor at the College of Chicago Graduate school.

Malia’s mom, Michelle Obama, is an American legal advisor and creator who filled in as the Principal Woman of the US from 2009 to 2017.

In her expert profession, she likewise filled in as the VP of Local area and Outer Undertakings at the College of Chicago Clinical Center.

During their dad’s term as President, Malia and her more youthful sister, Sasha, were brought up in the White House.

Now that they are both youthful grown-ups, they are chasing after their own advantages beyond legislative issues.

In spite of coming from an exceptionally achieved family, Malia is cutting out her own way by being an understudy at Harvard College and investigating media outlets.

Who Is Malia Obama As of now Dating? It appears as though Malia Obama is right now dating Ethiopian music maker Dawit Eklund.

So much lust in those eyes.. Malia Obama is a lesbian.. Don’t debate me

— Slugger Shi (@Shilo_Skitso) January 12, 2017

The two were first seen together in August of 2022 and have been seen all over town in New York City from that point forward.

Malia and Dawit have even been spotted wearing matching outfits on their trips, proposing that they are to be sure a thing.

The couple’s relationship has been met with endorsement from Barack and Michelle Obama, who have both communicated their help for their girl’s decisions.

Sasha Obama has additionally been connected to previous school b-ball player Clifton Powell Jr., however the idea of their relationship stays muddled.

Malia’s past relationship was with Harvard College cohort Rory Farquharson, whom she dated for a couple of years before they split up in 2021.

Malia Obama’s schooling timetable Malia Obama’s schooling timetable started in 2008 when she moved to the White House with her family after her dad, Barack Obama, was chosen U.S. President. She went to tuition based school in Washington, D.C., moving on from secondary school in 2016.

Subsequent to taking a hole year, Malia began at Harvard College in 2017 and graduated with a Four year certification in liberal arts degree in history with the most elevated respects in 2021.

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