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Is Tiger Woods Married or Dating Anyone? Here’s A List of His Ex-Girlfriends

Tiger Woods is right now unmarried however involved with a lady named Erica Herman. Before they turned into a couple, the golf ace was hitched to Elin Nordegren (m. 2004-2010) and had dated numerous different ladies, including Joanna Jagoda (1998 – 2009), Kashmira Karanjia (2002 – 2009), and Julie Postle (2004 – 2006).

He was likewise associated with Theresa Rogers (2004 – 2009), Jamie Jungers (2004 – 2006), Mindy Lawton (2006 – 2007), and Kalika Moquin (2009).

You needn’t bother with to be a golf fan to have gone over the name Tiger Woods. Born on December 30, 1975, the American expert golf player is without a doubt among the best on the planet and to the extent that his age goes, he will stay perhaps of the most famous competitor who recorded an effective profession.

He has additionally been named as quite possibly of the most generously compensated competitor on the planet for a long time.

With 79 PGA Visit occasions prevailed upon the course of his profession, the Californian local clearly procured the notoriety which he appreciates all over the planet.

His distinction likewise reaches out to his affection life which has hoarded titles for both the good and bad reasons, particularly the last option.

Woods dated a great deal of lovely ladies before and furthermore got hitched to one yet the marriage reached a conclusion sooner than many expected for the most unpalatable explanation; disloyalty. The golf player was open about his extramarital issues and capers while he was hitched to Elin Nordegren – his now ex.

Moreover, he has been taking on a conflict against dependence on sex which landed him in recovery for treatment.

Apparently, Tiger’s adoration life has been a bundle of tomfoolery and you would have no desire to miss any piece of the deets.

Who Is Tiger Woods Dating Since his Separation? After Woods spread the word, numerous ladies came from various different backgrounds, particularly pornography stars, with cases of their hot sentiment with the golf symbol. For somebody who took ownership of being a chronic miscreant, this shouldn’t profoundly shock anyone we are never prepared each time.

With additional ladies making some noise, Woods’ different disloyalties ended up being too clear to be in any way hidden where no one will think to look, in this way, he offered a public expression, saying ‘sorry’ to each and every individual who he outraged and expressing that at a time, he thought he was carrying on with the life.

As per the golf player, the cash and popularity he delighted in at the pinnacle of his vocation negatively affected him and steered him off course.

The ladies came effectively and he felt qualified for have a sample of all, not disapproving of who was getting injured. For every one of these, he was sorry yet not without following through on the cost – Accenture, AT&T, Gatorade, Label Heuer, and General Engines are only a couple of the big brands that shut down the sponsorship bargains they had with the randy golf player.

Then again, Gillette suspended their adverts highlighting Tiger Woods however Nike and Electronic Expressions remained by him.

However he has been assumed single for some time, Tiger Woods is purportedly involved with Erica Herman, they began dating soon after his split from Kristin Smith in mid-2017.

They disclosed their relationship with their appearance at the Presidents Cup together towards the finish of September of that very year. As indicated by reports, Herman has been an admirer of Woods for a long time, trusting that the ideal opportunity will stand out. Since she has her hands on him, it’s impossible to tell when she will give up.

Joanna Jagoda (1998 – 2009) Preceding Elin became the dominant focal point in his affection life by turning into his significant other, Tiger Woods was in a heartfelt connection with Joanna Jagoda, the issue which could be mistaken for his longest relationship up until this point finished in 2009, pass to the golf player’s meandering eyes and hands.

He’s accepted to have gone behind her back with Elin. Kashmira Karanjia (2002 – 2009) She’s one of Woods’ various sweethearts and would be recalled in an extended period of time for experiencing a serious harm to her eyes subsequent to getting a Lasik from Dr. Mark Whitten. The harm cost her occupation as an educator.

Likewise, taking into account the course of events of her relationship with him, hypotheses are that Woods was shuffling however many different ladies as he could oversee at that point.

Tiger Woods is being sued for 30 million by his ex girlfriend as compensation for breaking up with her. Yes you read right, now imagine if he had married her & divorced her, that was a billion dollar settlement. Wom€n are not good people

— (@ShadayaKnight) March 9, 2023

Julie Postle (2004 – 2006) Julie who was 20 at the hour of her hookup with Tiger Woods raised a great deal of eyebrows particularly from individuals who think he captivated her with his fortune and had his direction with her while getting her numerous costly gifts to keep her cheerful.

Julie evidently passed on her then-beau to partake in Woods’ hug, popularity and abundance for a long time.

Theresa Rogers (2004 – 2009) Rogers is among the setup of Woods’ sexual ventures who returned to cause major problems for him. Before he turned into a wedded man, Tiger and Theresa were supposedly meeting subtly thus the general population was unaware about their undertakings until she came after him. After she opened up to the world about her allegations, she likewise demanded that there’s plausible that her little girl may be his.

Jamie Jungers (2004 – 2006) Las Vegas mixed drink server Jamie Jungers is better recognized as the fifth lady to be sincerely connected to the golf legend. Jamie who is likewise an underwear model said she offered her body and more to Woods yet as a trade off, she was left with a broke heart.

Elin Nordegren (Wedded – 2004 – 2010) Nordegren was working for golf player Jesper Parnevik until she was acquainted with Tiger Woods at the 2001 English Open. The Swedish previous model and the golf savant got participated in November 2003 and later fixed their association in a wedding function on October 5, 2004, at the Sandy Path resort in Barbados. Woods’ treachery and bamboozling outrages drove Elin to separate from him on August 23, 2010. The association created a little girl named Sam Alexis Woods and a child, Charlie Axel Woods.

Mindy Lawton (2006 – 2007) The server is among the numerous sweethearts who arose with cases of long distance race sex adjusts with Tiger Woods. They had met in 2006 and would later participate in lovemaking in odd spots including parking garages. Not at all like different ladies who came at him with allegations of unkept commitments, Mindy has only acclaims about how Woods feels comfortable around the room.

Kalika Moquin (2009) Life and Style magazine named Moquin as one of Tiger’s significant others yet his has not been validated at all since she has neither denied nor recognized the case. Her quiet on the issue was deciphered as a sign that it was doubtlessly gossip with no confidence.

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