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Jason Kidd’s Children: Meet His Son Trey and Daughters Cooper, Miah, Jazelle

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Jason Kidd’s youngsters are eight in number from four distinct ladies. Arranged by their introduction to the world, Kidds youngsters are Jason Alexander Kidd Jr., Cheyenne Kidd, Three pointer Jason Kidd, Miah Kidd, Jazelle Kidd, Chance Kidd, Noah Effortlessness, and Cooper Anne Kidd. Jason Kidd’s youngsters are from the four perceived connections he has needed to date.

Jason Kidd’s most memorable kid, a child he had in school, is an affection kid and a result of his casual sexual encounter with a lady named Alexandria Brown.

His subsequent youngster, a girl, was likewise birthed after a short relationship with a lady named Tgia Jones. His other six kids are equitably divided between the two ladies he proceeded to wed. The NBA corridor of Famer has a child and 2 girls each from his ex Joumana Marie Kidd (née Samaha) and his significant other Porschla Kidd (née Coleman).

Jason Alexander Kidd Jr.



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Jason Kidd Has Three Youngsters With His Most memorable Spouse Jason Kidd and his ex Joumana Marie Kidd {nee Samaha} (born September 28, 1972) secured the bunch in 1997.

Their 10-year marriage was rowdier than quiet, described by allegations of aggressive behavior at home and misuse that saw Kidd at one point in the marriage condemned to a half year of outrage the executives classes after he confessed to charges of attacking his then-spouse Joumana.

Kidd wound up seeking legal separation and blaming his ex for outrageous savagery all through their marriage.

The marriage was at last disintegrated in 2007 yet the previous couple stayed in contact for their three kids, who were believed to be the main positive from their very long term marriage.

Jason Kidd has a child, Three pointer Jason Kidd, and twin girls Mia and Jazelle Kidd with his ex Joumana and each of the three of their kids are presently youthful grown-ups who are slowly clearing their path through life. How about we meet Kidd’s youngsters from his ex Joumana Kidd.

Three pointer Jason Kidd was born on October 12, 1998, under the birth indication of Malignant growth.

He is his dad’s third youngster in general however his first with his mom Joumana Marie Kidd (née Samaha), who is an entertainer and television have.

Despite the fact that Jason was born in Arizona State, he burned through the majority of his early stages out and about with his folks because of his dad’s b-ball profession.

He went to primary school in Oradell, Bergen Province before his folks’ separation provoked his transition to Los Angeles, California with his mother and more youthful twin sisters. Three pointer accepted his secondary school recognition at Bergen Catholic Secondary School and was an esteemed individual from the school’s b-ball group playing predominantly in the forward position however some of the time in the place of the point monitor. He succeeded as a secondary school ball player and many tipped him to emulate his dad’s example and at last end up in the NBA.



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In any case, when he got to school, Three pointer had turned his inclinations to different things and was not generally as committed as he recently was to ball.

He enlisted at the College of California, Los Angeles, and momentarily filled in as the associate mentor of the Beverly Slopes Secondary School Ball group. Nowadays Three pointer Kidd is centered around contributing to a blog and his obligations as the host of the digital broadcast show on 360 Degree Web recording.

Subtleties of Three pointer’s very own life have been masterfully hidden from the media and people in general and the resultant impact is that we can’t rest assured in the event that he is in a close connection with anybody or not. While he was growing up, Three pointer had a decent connection with his dad and was quite often continually envisioned with Jason during his primes in the NBA. In a meeting, in any case, Three pointer uncovered that the closeness he had with his dad decreased after his folks’ separation was concluded.

He additionally uncovered that it has disintegrated to where it had become practically nonexistent in his grown-up years. He further expressed that his dad was somebody who couldn’t have cared less about others’ sentiments the same length as they filled his need. Jason Kidd Snr. still can’t seem to answer his child’s assertions.

Miah Kidd is Jason Kidd’s second kid with his ex Joumana. Miah was born on September 27, 2001. She was just 6 years of age when her folks headed out in a different direction. Not much is been aware of Miah Kidd’s initial life and early proper schooling foundation however she is at present an understudy at Loyola Marymount College in Los Angeles, California with her twin sister Jazelle.

As well as being an understudy, Miah is likewise a model. An outline of her confidential connections incorporates no heartfelt unions as it appears to essentially rotate around the exceptionally close security she imparts to her sister Jazelle and investing energy with her canine Teddy. Miah additionally prefers to travel, especially to seaside regions with sea shores. She has a really nice connection with her father in spite of all that occurred among him and her mom.

The other portion of Jason Kidd’s twin little girls with his ex Joumana, Jazelle imparts a birthday to her twin sister Miah, and both appear to be very indivisible as appeared through their web-based entertainment stages. Jazelle additionally goes to Loyola Marymount College, Los Angeles, California, and they are both because of graduate in 2023.

Jazelle is likewise an artist and has been an artist from her initial days as a youngster. Jason Kidd’s most youthful girl, by a couple of moments at any rate, is likewise flying solo right now with no perceivable heartfelt connections. She gets a kick out of the chance to invest energy with her sister and different individuals from her family including her dad and his new family.

Jason Kidd Likewise Has 3 Youngsters With His Better half Porschla After his separation was finished in 2007, it took Jason Kidd close to a year to find love in the arms of another lady, this time with a previous model and entertainer named Porschla Coleman. Kidd’s significant other was born on July 12, 1985, in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California.

She turned into a model sooner or later in her life prior to surrendering it to zero in on her obligations as the Leader Overseer of the Jason Kidd Establishment, an establishment intended to advance youth schooling, after her union with Kidd. The couple started dating in 2008 in any case secured the bunch on September 10, 2011, something like 3 years after they had started dating formally. Their marriage has created 3 youngsters, a child, and 2 little girls named Possibility, Noah Effortlessness, and Cooper Anne Kidd individually.

Chance Kidd was born in 2010, about one year before his folks sealed the deal. Past the way that he is by all accounts relentlessly emulating his dad’s example keeping in mind the desire of playing in the NBA one day, not much is been aware of Chance Kidd, and that incorporates subtleties of his proper training foundation.

Chance has a decent connection with his dad and partakes in the honor of getting tips on the best way to work on his game from the ongoing lead trainer of the Dallas Dissidents.

Chance’s prompt more youthful sister, Noah Effortlessness Kidd was born in 2012. Like her more established brother, she carries on with her life away from the spotlight despite the fact that specific posts on her dad’s Instagram page show that she could likewise grow up to turn into a ball player in the WNBA. Her dad has communicated how glad he is of his fourth girl generally yet first with his better half Porschla.



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Cooper Anne is the most youthful of all Jason Children’s kids. She was born in 2017 and is likewise growing up quick. During a meeting, her mom depicted her as The Princess of the family, and we don’t question that she would grow up to be similarly basically as lovely as her mom and more established sister Noah. In spite of his obvious deficiencies, Jason Kidd appears to be a committed dad to no less than 6 of his 8 youngsters despite the fact that he probably won’t be on the best of conditions with some of them.

Jason Kidd Had His Most memorable Youngster In School Jason Kidd staggered the overall population when he decided to address the Brilliant Bears of the College of California, Berkeley after he had been explored by additional exceptionally positioned schools, for example, the College of California, Los Angeles, Ohio State College, College of Kansas, College of Kentucky, and the College of Arizona.

To say the very least his great exhibitions on the ball court assisted with working on the fortunes of the College’s b-ball program during his visit there. Notwithstanding, Kidd was justifiably famous off the court too and most likely had a ton of heartfelt excursions with the ladies he met in school. One of those ladies named Alexandria Brown wound up becoming the mother of his most memorable kid, a child that was named Jason Kidd Jr. after the previous NBA star. Peruse on as we uncover everything to realize about Jason Kidd’s firstborn.

Jason Kidd’s oldest posterity was born Jason Alexander Kidd on November 16, 1993. At the point when Kidd had Jason Jr., he was a rising ball wonder at the College of California, Berkeley who was tipped to accomplish extraordinary things when he in the end comes to the NBA. At the time Jason Jr’s. mom Alexandria Brown functioned as a Unified Carriers Airline steward.

Jason Kidd Jr. is a result of a casual sexual encounter between his folks. His fatherly grandma blamed his mom for being a gold digger after she recorded a paternity suit following Jason Jr’s. introduction to the world. The principal judge who evaluated the suit requested the now Dallas Protesters lead trainer to pay Alexandria $1,500 month to month; further suits saw that sum expanded to $4,000 month to month. Not much is been aware of Jason Kidd Jr’s. initial life including where he was born, where he grew up, and where he is right now. It nearly feels like Kidd’s most established youngster has evaded the spotlight. The demeanor of secret encompassing the superstar child likewise reaches out to subtleties of his formal instructive foundation.

In an uncommon introduction to the spotlight, Jason Kidd jr. uncovered that he was gay and that he was glad for his sexuality.

He additionally expressed that he was exceptionally alright with being the Pink Sheep of the Kidd line.

As per Jason jr’s. mom, father and child had a cozy relationship in his more youthful days. In any case, nothing ongoing recommends that that closeness made due to Jason jr’s. adulthood.

Jason Kidd Never Wedded The Mother Of His Subsequent Kid Simply a year after the extremely open disaster that was the paternity suit including his child mother Alexandria Brown, Jason Kidd became engaged with an alternate lady named Tgia Jones. Their exceptionally concise relationship created a girl named Cheyenne Kidd.

Cheyenne has likewise picked a day to day existence away from media and public examination however she has been in the information previously. Peruse on to figure out why.



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Cheyenne Kidd was born on November 10, 1994, only six days to her more established relative’s most memorable birthday.

Her mom’s name is Tgia Jones. A few sources are of the assessment that Cheyenne is a Stunt child in view of the conditions encompassing her introduction to the world.

It was guessed that her mom entered a relationship with her dad Jason for the sole motivation behind becoming pregnant for him.

Those cases were fervently invalidated by Cheyenne’s mom who guarantees her intentions were never pretty much as vile as her informers described it and that she had rather would have liked to construct an enduring relationship with her little girl’s dad yet it was never intended to be.

Subtleties of Cheyenne’s young life have never been pitched however Jason Kidd’s oldest girl supposedly battled with chronic drug use in her adolescent years.

When she was 17 years of age, she had been in and out of recovery two times. Cheyenne said she went to drugs as a source for her low confidence and sensations of gloom.

She has figured out how to turn her life around and presently functions as a model with various brands. As of the hour of composing,

Cheyenne is the only one of Kidd’s youngsters who has given him a grandkid. Jason Kidd turned into a granddad on January 12, 2015, which was the date Cheyenne had her little girl Seyah.

The personality of her little girl’s dad is obscure right now however Cheyenne’s consistent praise of her girl shows that she appreciates everything about being a mother, and this is regardless of not having a decent connection with her own dad who she once portrayed as a deadbeat father.

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