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Jeff Bridges Is Still Married To His Wife Susan Geston of Over 40 Years – Meet His Family

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Jeff Scaffolds met his better half, Susan Geston, in 1975. They got hitched in June 1977, only five days after Jeff asked about tying the knot, and have stayed together for over forty years.

The couple is honored with three little girls: Isabelle Scaffolds, Haley Roselouise Extensions, and Jessica Lily Extensions. Jeff Extensions is quite possibly of Hollywood’s most regarded and celebrated veteran star. A pro entertainer, artist, and maker, his vocation in media outlets started in the year 1951 and he has stayed dynamic from that point forward.

The legend is known for his standout jobs in blockbuster movies like Starman, Despite everything, Barbed Edge, Brave, The Big Lebowski, Any and all obstacles, and for his altruistic deeds. Jeff has had a profoundly designed profession winning Foundation Grants close by other esteemed grants in the business.



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On the family front, the pro entertainer has been similarly fruitful, he has been hitched to similar person for more than 40 years and then some – a no little accomplishment by Hollywood guidelines, their affection has bloomed throughout the long term and they are glad guardians to three girls who are likewise extremely effective in their picked vocation ways.

Jeff Scaffolds Met His Better half While Shooting The 1975 Film, Rancho Select The account of how Jeff Scaffolds went gaga for Susan Geston can make for an acclaimed heartfelt film.

It has everything, the head over heels love, starting dismissal by the lady, the second gathering where she understands she is infatuated as well, the rough ride not too far off, and the exceptionally wonderful cheerfully at any point in the wake of finishing. On a few events, the Foundation Grant victor has spouted about his better half, the most noteworthy was the point at which he went up the Oscars stage to accept his merited Oscar Grant for Best Entertainer for his job as Terrible Blake in Insane Heart (2009).

He referred to her as “his principal instructor,” “My significant other. My lovely spouse… ”

Have a chance of her,” he told the cameramen and when they sued, as she is affectionately called, was looking on affectionately and with pride of her dear husband’s accomplishment.

Spans has been stricken by his better half from the absolute first day he looked at her. He was on a farm in Heaven Valley outside Livingston, Montana shooting a scene with Sam Waterston and Harry Dignitary Stanton for the film “Rancho Special” when he looked at Geston interestingly. The chief would have clearly seen his interruption, an abnormality for Extensions who has been portrayed by film pundit Pauline Kael as “the most normal and least reluctant screen entertainer that has at any point lived.”

Susan was not in any event, putting her best self forward at that point, her companions called “bruised eyes Sue” on account of the two bruised eyes and broken nose she supported in the wake of being associated with a mishap. In any case, the defect didn’t deflect Scaffolds yet rather enhanced her excellence.

No, Susan was not piece of the acting group, she was dealing with the farm as a server to assist with paying her schooling cost. Not ready to help how stricken he was, Jeff Scaffolds pondered who Sue might have been? a server or a house keeper?, he moved toward her and asked her out on the town yet she turned him down.

In any case, she left him with just the right amount of trust by letting him know that their area was a humble community and that perhaps they would once more run into one another.

Karma was in Scaffolds’ side as he ran into his first love again a couple of days after the fact. This time, she didn’t turn him down.

They moved away the night at the wrap party for the film and Geston was at long last in total agreement as Jeff – gone completely gaga.

Until this point in time, Extensions hauls around a gift from the day they initially met, one that was made potential because of the make-up craftsman on set.

The make-up craftsman had seen the prompt fascination among Extensions and Sue and snapped a picture of them.

A decade after they met and with no thought that Extensions had hitched Sue, the make-up craftsman sent the photograph to him and Scaffolds conveys it in his wallet until this day.

The Entertainer Wondered whether or not To Request that Susan Be His Significant other Jeff Scaffolds left Montanna in the wake of recording left, yet couldn’t quit pondering Susan Geston, so some time later, he got back to Montanna, this time with long-lasting companion David Greenwalt (the Hollywood maker with credits including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Holy messenger).

Greenwalt, who at that point, was living in a trailer stopped on Scaffolds’ property in Malibu, was going through misfortune subsequent to being dismissed by Extensions’ sister whom he had succumbed to. In a bid to assist him with foregetting his inconveniences, Extensions ask that he take a ride with him to Montanna however didn’t explain to him why he was going there.

After showing up at Montanna, Extensions had the option to persuade Susan to accompany him to Malibu. Returning to California, Greenwalt took the wheel however wound up in a self-contradicting second as he was going through catastrophe yet needed to watch his old buddy skip around the lady he cherished in the rearward sitting arrangement.

Susan Geston moved into Extensions’ unobtrusive Malibu home which had a hot tub and a sauna. They composed tunes and played music consistently for no particular reason and when Extensions exhibited his composition abilities, Sue, a skilled picture taker would catch the occasion.



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While he rode the stricken people in love back home, Greenwalt could quickly tell that his companion would wed Sue, in any case, Scaffolds was frightened by the possibility of marriage.

He had first contemplated wedding Sue on their most memorable date; he had requested that she go along with him to see a realtor from whom he was asking about the farm house and when they got to the house and were reviewing it, Extensions pondered internally that he was seeing his home and his future spouse, nonetheless, he promptly let go of the idea as his long lasting apprehension about marriage grasped him.

The entertainer later described to Peruser Overview that he believed that the possibility of marriage was a stage towards death and that he had been unnerved by it since his 20s.

As years passed, Susan who had consistently wanted marriage and needed her very own group became tired from Scaffolds’ faltering and considered leaving him, that was when Extensions pondered internally that he just couldn’t let Sue go.

He told OWN that the feeling of dread toward losing Sue made them consider how he would be a hopeless elderly person asking why he at any point let her go.

He at last called the fortitude to request that Susan Geston be his significant other and on the fifth of June 1977, precisely five years after he had proposed the pair were hitched.

As years advanced, so did Extensions’ vocation with more Foundation Grant designations, by 1994, they had the option to buy a 8,500-square-foot, 9-room house in St Nick Barbara that recently had a place with vocalist musician and guitarist, Kenny Loggins. They paid about $7 million for the home.

The Key To Their Marriage Isn’t Thinking about Separation As A Choice Jeff Scaffolds has on many events discussed how his marriage with Geston got increasingly sweet as the years went by and in those minutes he is typically gotten some information about the key to their dependable association.

Spans has made sense of that the justification for their life span is that he doesn’t allow cheating and separation an opportunity. The entertainer let The Sun know that changing accomplices all the time gets intense and makes one incapable to partake in the lavishness that accompanies a drawn out relationship. He added that his better half’s help for himself as well as his vocation makes him love her more. The entertainer has additionally expressed that for the two of them, the main thing to them is their relationship.

He added that when big difficulties come, which they do have, they are genuine open doors for them to get to know one another more and become more cozy, instead of bounce on getting a separation. On another event, he told Individuals Magazine that he and Sue are very various individuals, however rather than letting that be the justification for why they would float separated, they commend one another.

In a similar meeting, he said that he “regarded Sue’s insight.” to work on their correspondence, the entertainer said that at whatever point they have clashes, they talk about the thing is irritating them and let the other completion without interference.



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At the point when Extensions in October 2020 declared that he had been determined to have lymphoma and had been going through chemotherapy he added that he was significantly thankful for the help from his loved ones. As of now, no one but passing can genuinely do them part.

Sue Is An Expert By Her Own Doing Scaffolds’ better half Susan Geston was born in 1953, she is the girl of Patricia Kennedy Hansen and Magnus C. Geston.

She is initially from Fargo, North Dakota. She is a maker with credits including Illegal Zone (1980), Cold Feet (1989), and Extra with Billy Hedge (1994).

However acting is definitely not a full-time profession way for her, her better half credits her for every one of his functions as he says they could never have been conceivable without her.

Nowadays, Geston zeros in more on cause work and her energy for photography frequently venturing out to places like Cuba to take photographs.

Isabelle is Jeff and Sue’s first and most established out of his three girls. She went to Pepperdine College in Malibu. Like her dad, she has got a few acting abilities, a portion of her credits incorporate Ends Station. Jeff Scaffolds has uncovered that due to the sort of experience growing up he had, he had some better sense than force any of his children into acting.

He told The Watchman in 2009 that for any of his little girls, acting would be pretty much as simple as tumbling off a log, in any case, none of his girls appeared to have thought about going about as a full-time calling. Like her dad, finding love for Isabelle was unexplainable adoration. She met her better half, Brandon Boesch in school, and on 7/7/07, they got hitched at her dad’s home.

Isabelle told Insider Wedding that she knew from secondary school that she would constantly get hitched on the remarkable date of 7/7/07.

On the 31st of Walk 2011, she made her dad a granddad interestingly in the wake of inviting her most memorable kid, a little girl named Beauty Louise Boesch.

She likewise has a child named Ben. Isabelle and her dad Jeff co-wrote the youngsters’ book named, “Daddy Girl Day.”

Jessica acquired the singing and songwriting abilities of both her folks. She fostered an early enthusiasm for music which drove her father to get her most memorable guitar when she was 13 years of age. A portion of her melodic impacts incorporate Dr. Canine, Wilco, Neko Case, and Joe Cocker.

She has no specific class of concentration except for has said that she utilizes her music to investigate and communicate the human condition, as indicated by her Facebook page.

She played out a portion of her tunes at her more seasoned sister Isabelle’s 2007 wedding. Jessie, as she is affectionately called is an occupant of the San Francisco Narrows Region and keeps on pursuing energy for music. She has sung in front of an audience close by her well known father.

The most youthful of the Extensions girls has an inside adornment business as her picked vocation way. Her energy for configuration created early on after her family moved to St Nick Barbara in 1994. As the family visited around the city looking for their new home, Haley wound up become enthused about plan and couldn’t quit contemplating how she would plan her own room.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in English from Loyola Marymount College however her energy for configuration saw her re-visitation of school to read up for an expert’s in Inside Design at the College of California, Los Angeles. She graduated in 2011. She is the organizer behind Haley Extensions Plan which is situated in St Nick Barbara.

The flourishing business has procured Haley two or three renowned plan grants remembering’s Best Assistance for 2017 and Best Plan in 2018 and 2019 separately. Her site has an ideal 5-star survey.

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