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Joseph Dejoie: Repeat offender charged after Missouri woman Jacquelyn Mitchell found dead a week after disappearance

MARYLAND Levels, MISSOURI: Almost seven days subsequent to vanishing, missing Missouri lady Jacquelyn ‘Jacque’ Elizabeth Mitchell, 39, was found dead on Monday night, Walk 20. Suspect Joseph John Dejoie, 49, who confessed to killing the lady was arrested and accused of various violations on Tuesday.

Mitchell allegedly went to Dejoie’s loft after she left an Irish bar on Walk 14. She was found inside a condo in the 2200 block of Palestra Drive and had allegedly been dead for quite a long time, said Boss Bill Carson, Maryland Levels Police Division. The stunning disclosure came after the 39-year-old vehicle was tracked down left external an apartment building, trailed by a video of the suspect driving her vehicle.

Who is Joseph John Dejoie? Mitchell and Dejoie were associates, announced Boss Carson. Upon the arrival of her vanishing, the lady had gone to Maggie O’Brien’s in Nightfall Slopes to get something to eat around 7 pm. Mitchell then went to the Dejoie’s home on Plaestra, showing up not long before 12 PM. She was accounted for missing on Walk 16 after Mitchell’s sister Tiffany said, “This is bizarre.

Something is simply truly off-base.” Her sister said her telephone last pinged off a cell tower close to Parkway 364 and Bennington, which assisted police with sticking their hunt to that six-mile range in Maryland Levels. Be that as it may, there was still no hint of Mitchell.

In an astonishing development, Mitchell’s family found her Nissan Sentra deserted at a high rise off Schulte Slope Drive, close to Highway 270 and Page Road on Sunday. As the pursuit proceeded with police got an observation video that showed Dejoie driving Mitchell’s vehicle. Police had the option to distinguish the suspect and had the option to find Mitchell’s body while completing a court order of his home.

Joseph John Dejoie’s earlier capture records The 49-year-old confessed to killing the 39-year-old as indicated by neighborhood NBC member KSDK. Police additionally guarantee Dejoie conceded to cleaning down both her body and vehicle to dispose of any proof.

He has been accused of second-degree murder, messing with actual proof, and surrender of a body, KSDK revealed. His past records showed he was captured for felonious restriction, first-degree assault, first-degree robbery, and ownership of medication stuff. An examination is yet to decide Mitchell’s reason for death. He is being held at the St Louis Province Equity Center. Dejoie’s bail has been set for $1 million.

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