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Kadejah Brown Facebook Live Video Case Details – Arrest News Age And Husband

Kadejah Brown Facebook Live Video shows the couple battling with one another. A lady from Mississippi has been accused of homicide after she was blamed for shooting her significant other after a battle that was communicated to her companions and family members on Facebook Live.

In the unnerving video, which was live-transferred on Saturday, Kadejah Michelle Brown, 28, of Columbus, and her better half, Jerry Brown, were seen battling, as per the police.

As indicated by Lowndes Area Sheriff Eddie Hawkins, The pair had been battling for the greater part of the night. He additionally let columnists know that Jerry was endeavoring to pass on the home to diffuse the circumstance.

Around 7:40 on Saturday morning, delegates from the Lowndes Province Sheriff’s Office answered an abusive behavior at home occurrence at a home in Columbus, Mississippi.

As per a sheriff’s office Facebook post, a 28-year-old male was found dead from a solitary shot injury.

Kadejah Michelle Brown, 28, was confined by agents and blamed for homicide. She is accused of killing the casualty after a battle broke out.

As indicated by the sheriff’s office, Facebook Live was utilized to record the episode, and he likewise expressed that Brown and the casualty have a past filled with abusive behavior at home.

The live video shows the lady standing up to her significant other, whom she asserts is never at home to assist with their children. Kadejah’s mom can likewise be heard in the video.

Jeremy, the suspect’s significant other, constantly arranges his better half to let him be as he is thumped into the telephone that had been put down on a household item.

At a certain point, the contention becomes physical. Kadejah is heard shouting curse words not long before a shot is discharged.

From that point forward, while the kids are crying behind the scenes, Kadejah and her mom shout, with Kadejah shouting, “I don’t want to go to prison,” and her mom escaping out of the house hollering, “Help!”

As indicated by the reports, the suspect, Brown, was 28 years of age. Per her Facebook profile, she filled in as a server, master, and clerk at Bison wild wings.

She likewise had put her profile as a computerized maker. She and her better half, Jeremy, have 4 youngsters named Jeremiah, Zaniyah and Savior, and Josiah Pierre.

She had gone to Columbus secondary school. The suspect likewise wished her better half a cheerful commemoration this Walk 6, 2023, and expressed that it has proactively been seven years of marriage and furthermore they met each other when they were at center school.

Jeremy Brown, the departed who was announced dead at the scene, has been perceived as Kadejah’s life partner.

Kadejah Michelle Brown and her significant other Jerry Brown were seen battling in the recording spilled on Facebook live on Saturday, as per the police.

A 9 mm handgun and other unmistakable evidence were found at the scene. Brown was arrested and shipped off the Lowndes District Grown-up Confinement Community, where she was kept in a remand setting for her court appearance.

As per the sources, the suspect’s bail was $750,000. The coroner, Greg Shipper, expresses that Jeremy Earthy colored will go through an examination. This is a functioning and progressing examination, as per Hawkins.

Per the Facebook profile, Jeremy was a Public Deals and Rent Supervisor. He additionally had studied at Columbus secondary school, very much like his better half, Kadejah Brown.

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