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Meet Javon Walton’s Family: His Twin Brother, Sister, and Parents

Javon Walton’s family involves his folks, Jessica Walton and DJ Walton, his more established sister, Jayla Treat Walton, twin brother, Jaden Walton, and younger sibling, Daelo Jin Walton.

Javon Walton is an American fighter and entertainer who rose to noticeable quality for his job as Ashtray in the HBO series Rapture.

He has likewise showed up in various different creations, including Perfect world, Samaritan, The Umbrella Foundation, and numerous others.

Javon Walton’s family plays had a colossal impact in his ascent to progress, and all that is realized about them has been investigated underneath.

Who Are Javon Walton’s Folks Javon Walton’s folks are Jessica Walton and DJ Walton. The pair has been hitched since July 17, 2000. However they didn’t uncover when they met or how long they dated, they have been hitched for around 22 years. Their association has invited a sum of four youngsters, who are doing great by their own doing.

Meet Javon Walton’s Father – DJ Walton Javon Walton’s father, DJ Walton, was born on October 16, 1978, in New York City, US of America, to Kathleen Umile and Charles Walton.

He is an American resident born under the Libra birth sign. DJ Walton grew up under the consideration of his new parents, Susan and Anthony, who are Ashkenazi Jewish and African Jamaican.



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In the mean time, his natural guardians are Italian, English, German, Irish, Ashkenazi Jewish, and African American.

There are no insights regarding DJ Walton’s kin or what they are doing at that point. He went through the vast majority of his years experiencing childhood in Florida, in the US.

DJ Walton graduated with a four year college education in correspondence from Jacksonville College.

He was exceptionally dynamic in the school’s football crew as well as in olympic style sports occasions. He got bunches of grants and honors while in the College.

DJ Walton is a Fighter and Boxing Trainer Javon Walton’s father is presently an entertainer, fighter, money manager, plate rider, and music chief. DJ Walton is an expert fighter who established the Onwards Athletic Organization in Buford, where he is dynamic as the lead trainer. He is renowned as a fighter and furthermore mentors understudies at the organization.

The expert fighter frequently takes to Instagram to share photos of the exercises from his boxing organization. This area of his profession likewise helped his child as they frequently train together.

DJ Walton has additionally Highlighted in Certain Motion pictures and television Series DJ Walton is likewise associated with some onscreen creations.

He featured in Statement of faith II as Adonis, Ideology’s fighting accomplice. The expert fighter showed up for certain top entertainers, as Sylvester Stallone.

He additionally assumed the part of Lucifer 78 in the Starz television series Heels. DJ Walton will be Miguel Paez in the 2023 film Heart of a Lion.



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Beside acting, the expert fighter has a few spells behind the camera. He has filled in as a trick chief on certain films, similar to Day Shift and Samaritan.

He is The Fellow benefactor and Leader of AK Around the world Beside the recorded vocations of an expert fighter, DJ Walton is likewise a music chief.

He functioned as the leader of FTGU Music Inc. for a very long time. Right now, the expert fighter has effectively cut a specialty for himself in the American music industry and is as of now the fellow benefactor and leader of AK Around the world. In his situation, he manages the day to day exercises of the organization as well as Alicia Key’s occasions and exhibitions.

He creates inventive and key association bargains. Also, he is the leader maker of the book and application, which he co-made with his significant other and Alicia Keys.

The book, The Diaries of Mother Mae and Leelee, has won grants. Javon Walton’s Mom is Jessica Walton Jessica Walton is the mother of Javon Walton.

Javon’s mom was born in the US on April 12, 1978. However a lot isn’t been aware of her experience, she is notable as DJ Walton’s significant other and Javon Walton’s mom. Subtleties of her rudimentary and secondary schools weren’t unveiled. Nonetheless, she went to Jacksonville College. Notwithstanding being a homemaker, she is exceptionally engaged with Onwards Athletic Organization and plays had a gigantic impact in Javon’s ascent to progress. Notwithstanding her profession, she is a writer who has co-made a few books with her better half and Alicia Keys.

Who Are Javon Walton’s Kin? Javon Walton has three kin: Jayla, Jaden, and Daelo. They all grew up under the consideration of their folks.

They all keep a nearby bond with one another and are many times spotted on picnics, get-aways, and other fun occasions together. Here is all to be familiar with Javon Walton’s kin.

Who Is Javon Walton’s Sister? Javon Walton’s sister is Jayla Treat Walton. She was born on September 12, 2004, in Atlanta, Georgia, US. Since the entertainer was born in 2006, his sister is two years more established than him. Jayla is the most seasoned kin of the entertainer and is a content maker, model, competitor, and entertainer.



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Like Javon, Jayla has had her reasonable portion of time at the center of attention. She showed up in the 2020 music film Love Is more appealing by Alicia Keys.

As of now, she has a couple of film appearances in Ideal world and 1-1800-Hot-Nite. It is accepted that with time, she would turn into a name to be dealt with in the film business.

Beside Jayla Treat Walton’s acting profession, she is a virtual entertainment maker and model. She utilizes her Instagram handle to share pictures of herself displaying clothing and brandishing brands. The model likewise has a TikTok account, where she shares her content, generally comic lip-synchronizing recordings.

Very much like the remainder of the family, who are sports fans, Jayla Treat Walton is additionally a volleyball player. She has likewise shown a distinct fascination with picking up boxing. In the mean time, Jayla is extremely near her brother and has been spotted with him on picnics, working out, and going to occasions together.

Meet Javon Walton’s Twin Brother Javon Walton’s twin brother is Jaden Walton. He was born on 22nd July 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia, US. Javon and Jaden are not indistinguishable twins, but rather a few public individuals actually label them as indistinguishable, which is incorrect. Neither of them has uncovered who was born first, yet as per a few sources, Javon is more established.

Javon supposedly goes to a nearby secondary school in Atlanta. Right now, it isn’t known whether he has moved on from secondary school.

Jaden Walton is profoundly skilled and is towing different profession ways. He is a baseball player and plays with the Bufford Wolves. The baseball player is likewise an eager craftsmanship darling who produces workmanship for NFT. He is addressed by an ability organization in the US known as Imaginative Specialists Office and endorsed to the Unified Ability Organization.

What’s more, Javon Walton is likewise a web-based entertainment sensation. He is dynamic on TikTok, where he has north of 1,000,000 supporters.



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The baseball player frequently shares lip-sync and interesting recordings on his TikTok account. On his Instagram handle, he frequently shares recordings and photos of his games in baseball.

Javon Walton’s Younger Sibling Javon Walton’s younger sibling is Daelo Jin Walton. He was born on June 6, 2010, in Atlanta, Georgia, US, and is four years more youthful than Javon Walton.

There is no solid data about his scholastics, yet it is accepted that he will get a decent degree of schooling from now on. Daelo Jin Walton is additionally an entertainer like his more established brother, Javon. In the HBO series, Elation, he made his most memorable on-screen appearance as the more youthful form of Ashtray, his brother Javon’s personality. This earned him public respect and gave him the stage to land other film jobs, including No Days Off and Produced using Scratch. It is trusted that, with time, he would make other significant film appearances.

Daelo likewise took after Jaden and is a baseball player. He plays the game in his recreation time and plans to go proficient in it.

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