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Mountain lion attacks man in hot tub at Colorado rental home

A mountain lion ripped at a man’s head as he and his better half were loosening up in a hot tub on a Colorado investment property this month, as per authorities.

The casualty was relaxing in the hot tub when the lion went after in a vigorously lush region along the Chalk Rivulet in Chaffee Province around 8 p.m. on Walk 18, Colorado Parks and Natural life said in a news discharge.

The man told specialists he felt something get his head before the frightened couple sprinkled water and shouted at the creature.

The spouse then snatched a spotlight and directed it to the lion, natural life authorities said. The husband and spouse continued to yell at the mountain lion and it ultimately withdrew to the highest point of a slope where it squatted down and looked as the couple dashed back to the investment property.

Mountain lion attacks man in hot tub at Colorado rental home

— New York Post (@nypost) March 29, 2023

The spouse had four shallow scratches on the highest point of his head and close to his right eye. Officials who examined the injuries said it matched the hook of a mountain lion.

The pair called the rental mortgage holder, who is a Colorado Parks and Untamed life official, who then reached the organization. While the wounds were minor and didn’t need clinical consideration, Sean Shepherd, a region natural life director, said the organization takes the episode “truly.”

“We believe it’s probable the mountain lion saw the man’s head move in the obscurity at ground-level however didn’t perceive individuals in the hot tub. The couple made the best decision by making clamor and focusing a light on the lion,” Shepherd said, adding the organization has made neighbors and posted signage aware of caution of lion action.

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