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Mujey Dumbuya murder case: A timeline of events explored

Mujey Dumbuya, a 16-year-old East Kentwood High understudy, disappeared one early morning in January 2018 while en route to school. Before long, her somewhat bare dead body was found almost 50 miles away, after four days.

Specialists later discovered that the departed was planned to affirm against her school support laborer, Quinn James, in association with her r*pe case.

The homicide examination then centered around the charges against James, which persuaded specialists to think that he, alongside an assistant, killed Dumbuya to keep her from affirming against him. The case was trailed by an effective conviction of Quinn James.

Calls From Within on ID is scheduled to additionally dig into Mujey Dumbuya’s case on Tuesday, Walk 21, at 9.00 pm ET in an all-new episode named Mysteries Are Rarely Honest. The abstract for the impending episode peruses as:

“Sixteen-year-old Mujey Dumbuya turns up dead four days subsequent to passing on her home to go to class; police across various purviews join to uncover the appalling truth behind her homicide, and prison calls give the insights to get the killer.”A timetable of occasions from the homicide instance of Mujey Dumbuya until a definitive conviction
Quinn James was blamed for killing East Kentwood Secondary School understudy Mujey Dumbuya, 16, after she blamed him for r*pe. The last option was killed almost two months before she was planned to affirm against him.

Reports express that from July to September 2017, Quinn James r*ped the then-15-year-old in four unmistakable affirmed occasions in different pieces of Kent Area, and was just captured on November 17 of that year on four counts of third-degree criminal sexual lead.

James was, nonetheless, later delivered on a $100,000 bond. On November 30, Kentwood State funded Schools at last terminated him after the r*pe charges surfaced.

The next January 25, 2018, Mujey Dumbuya was accounted for absent as a “runaway.” Her family guaranteed that the 16-year-old vanished while making a beeline for a bus station to go to class the past morning. A body, later tracked down in a lush region in Kalamazoo on January 28, was officially distinguished as hers.

By February 1, 2018, James was captured in an irrelevant criminal s*xual direct case from 2014 and after six days, he was formally named as an individual of interest in Dumbuya’s passing. On Walk 23, Thousand Rapids police captured the suspect’s supposed assistant in the killing, Gerald Bennett, 58, of Detroit.

On April 11, James was formally accused of homicide and hijacking, and that very day, Bennett was likewise accused of a solitary count of intrigue to carry out murder. Examiners claimed that the last option helped James, a man he had never met, in killing the high schooler and arranging the 16-year-old young lady’s body in return for a vehicle.

In October, 2018, Quinn James was viewed as at fault for r*ping Mujey Dumbuya and was given at least 20 years that December. He was by and by found liable for Dumbuya’s situation in February the next year, just this season of a first-degree murder allegation. In April, he was given a lifelong incarceration without the chance of parole.

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