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Murder in My House on ID: What happened to Betty Sue Short?

Betty Sue Short, a 65-year-old from Kingsport was viewed as pounded into the ground in the condo she imparted to her child Scott. Scott, who had gone through the night at his sweetheart’s place, found his mom’s body on October 17, 2011, the day after she was killed.

He likewise said that a case of guns was taken from their home. There were no indications of a constrained passage, which recommended that the casualty knew her executioner.

An examination concerning the demise and proclamations from observers prompted the capture of Jonathan Slemp, who was spotted at Short’s home the night she was killed. Slemp claimed that the two had a medication related game plan – to exchange pills – for which he had gone to the casualty’s home that evening. Slemp was sentenced for the homicide and ultimately confessed.

ID’s most recent genuine wrongdoing series Murder in My Home debuts on Tuesday, Walk 28, with Betty Sue Short’s homicide case. The episode, named No Regret, will air on the channel at 9 pm ET.

Betty Sue Short, a separated from mother-of-two, who had been determined to have diabetic neuropathy, lived in Kingsport in Sullivan Region, Tennessee, in 2011. She imparted her home to her child Scott, who was as of late let out of jail.

Scott was quick to track down the stunning crime location at their home on October 16, 2011, in the wake of getting back from his better half’s home.

Short was violently pounded into the ground in her home the earlier evening and was found situated on the sofa with a sheet covering her gravely beaten face and head. Further assessment affirmed that she died of serious obtuse power injury to the right half of her head.

At that point, agents understood that there were no indications of constrained section, which prompted the supposition that Short knew her executioner. Moreover, nothing was taken from the house with the exception of a tool kit comprising that had three guns that were accounted for missing from Scott’s room. The indoor regulator was additionally gone down to a bizarrely low temperature to dial back the body’s deterioration.

Scott’s plausible excuse looked at when his better half and her little girl affirmed his whereabouts the earlier evening.

Specialists then, at that point, began checking other likely leads out. That was the point at which various observer explanations expressed that Short had a guest on the night she was killed. The guest being referred to was a nearby family companion named Jonathan Slemp, who visited the 65-year-old frequently.

Slemp and Betty Sue Short evidently had a medication related game plan where they would trade pills with one another. Each opportunity the previous ran over Percocets, a powerful pain reliever, he exchanged them with her trade for Valium. He guaranteed that he was at her home to do the very that evening, yet left following 15 minutes, let cops know that he got back to his home by 9:15 pm that evening.

Notwithstanding, an observer at Slemp’s home, where he resided with his ex, guaranteed that he had gotten back solely after 10:30 on the night Betty Sue Short was killed. He likewise had a weapon that matched the portrayal of one of those missing from the casualty’s home and conveyed a plastic pack like the ones Short used to store her medications.

While examining the 65-year-old’s homicide, specialists associated the case to the November 2010 cutting passing of Gary Jones in Kingsport. Reports expressed that the two killings were indistinguishable in nature.

Jones was cut north of 20 times in a pointless excess similarly as Short had been beaten on different occasions. Moreover, both the casualties’ bodies were seen as covered.

Jonathan Slemp was sentenced in 2015, following which he confessed to second-degree murder. He later likewise conceded to the first-degree murder of 53-year-old Gary Jones, who was seen as wounded to death in a pool of blood inside his manufactured home in 2010.

ID’s Homicide in My Home debuts with the 2011 beating demise of Betty Sue Short on Tuesday, Walk 28, 2023, at 9 pm ET.

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