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“Narcissistic TikTok generation”: Alex Bodger aka Gora Pakora sparks outrage after taking a selfie near Vancouver stabbing victim

TikToker Alex Bodger recorded a stunning occurrence that occurred in Vancouver on Sunday, Walk 26, 2023, when 37-year-old Paul Stanley was cut external a Starbucks outlet by a man later recognized as Inderdeep Singh Gosa.

Disclaimer: This article contains upsetting insights regarding viciousness. Peruser circumspection is encouraged.

The man was supposedly cut before his young girl and spouse. Alex Bodger, who was likewise present external the café at that point, made a video of the occurrence and was even seen grinning in the recording.

The recordings and snaps by Alex have been doing the rounds via online entertainment. The TikToker is presently getting extreme kickback for the recording as well as for supposedly taking a selfie close to the casualty’s body.

One virtual entertainment client even considered his way of behaving as being common of the “self-centered TikTok age”.Alex Bodger is prevalently known as Gora Pakora on TikTok and he was an observer to the stunning occurrence that occurred external Vancouver Starbucks.

He was even seen sneering in the video while recording the occurrence and that didn’t go down well with online entertainment clients.

TikToker Alex Bodger is getting significant fire via online entertainment for taking a selfie with the casualty’s body
Netizens are getting down on Alex Bodger for shooting such an occurrence and taking selfies with the casualty’s dead body. Web-based entertainment clients called this an inhumane move for two minutes of notoriety.

Aside from this, Alex Bodger likewise delivered a video where he made sense of what was happening to him while he was recording the occurrence. The TikToker said that he thought it was a road battle, which is the reason he ran down there and began recording the scene.

He said that when he saw blood in the city, he confused it with a horrendous nose. Alex proceeded:

Absolute scum bag, what a wrongen this bloke is. #AlexBodger #CanadaIsBroken #Canada

— Bradley (@Brad_S_H) March 28, 2023

The Toronto Sun announced that Paul Stanley Schmidt was cut external Starbucks on Sunday when he asked the supposed aggressor not to vape before his 3-year-old little girl.

Not long after that, Paul was raced to the emergency clinic. In any case, he died because of his wounds. An examination concerning the matter is as of now continuous.

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