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Old Doane Stuart school fire: Massive flames in campus near Southern Boulevard, Albany

Doane Stuart school grounds in Albany burst into flames, causing monstrous harm
Firemen embraced a guarded stance because of security concerns, steeple fell into building
The reason for fire stayed obscure, no wounds were accounted for

A monstrous fire emitted at the old Doane Stuart school grounds close to Southern Road on Thursday. Firemen embraced a “guarded act” and poured water on the blazes, while communicating worries about the security of a steeple that gave off an impression of being nearly imploding.

The steeple at last fell into the consuming structure underneath. Voyagers were encouraged to stay away from Southern Street because of the three-caution fire that inundated the grounds structures, presently known as Kenwood House.

City chairman Kathy Sheehan addressed journalists close to the scene on Thursday night and demonstrated that specialists had not yet had the option to arrive at the site to determine the reason for the fire. She added that the city knew nothing about anybody being in the structure when the burst emitted.

One of Albany’s most historic properties was lost to a major fire…

The old Kenwood Convent & Doane Stuart School was built between 1860-1880.

Details of the fire are still unknown.

One thing is for sure — we must protect our historic architecture at all costs.#aroundalbany

— Around Albany (@aroundalbany) March 24, 2023

The structure has been vacant since the non-public school moved to Rensselaer in 2009. An engineer bought the site and wanted to repair it, including the development of 13 apartment complexes, six bunches of condos, two lodgings, retail space, and public offices like a workmanship display and amphitheater.

The fire seems to have made critical harm the memorable structure, which was once the masterful nineteenth century Kenwood Foundation, a confidential Catholic school in south Albany that housed the Doane Stuart school before it moved.

The local group of fire-fighters facilitated with the town of Guilderland to give water, with yellow fire hoses running down the slope from Course 9W to the school site. The local group of fire-fighters couldn’t get to the fire scene from South Pearl Road.

When the blast is contained, the city local group of fire-fighters will work together with state agents. Anybody with data or video film of the fire ought to contact Sheehan’s office at [email protected]. The reason for the fire stays obscure.

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