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Retired Boston cop arrested for assault on a cop during Jan. 6 riot

A resigned Boston cop was captured Thursday for attacking a cop with a seat during the Jan. 6 uproars at the US Legislative hall, reports said. James Robert Fisher, 52, was busted Thursday morning by FBI specialists at his Plymouth, Mass. home after extremely observant internet based investigators found him, as per NBC.

An ongoing Boston cop who realized Fisher recognized him a short time later.

Fisher wore a red coat and a beanie brandishing the logos of a few Boston groups on Jan. 6, NBC said, as he and other over the top allies of previous President Donald Trump raged and destroyed the Legislative center Structure after the Florida man’s 2020 political decision misfortune.

During the disorder, Fisher threw a seat at a cop who was pursuing a pepper-splash using protestor. Then he attacked him in a showdown that wound up with Fisher on the ground.

Government specialists have accused him of attacking an official and obstacle of policing a common problem, in addition to other things, the Boston Globe said.

Fisher left the Boston Police Division in 2016 after over twenty years on the power – including the K-9 unit, as per an office representative.

Fisher’s mobile phone records show he was inside the structure, and he was discovered on video throwing the seat.

Retired Boston cop arrested for assault on a cop during Jan. 6 riot
James Rob…
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— American Warrior (@Th0rKnight) March 31, 2023

The shamed Beantown cop frequently tracked down his direction into the media before the Jan. 6 assault, as per NBC.

He was once highlighted as a police master in a genuine wrongdoing Television program, and showed up behind the scenes of a 2013 question and answer session as Massachusetts specialists sought after the Boston Long distance race plane.

Fisher joined the Boston PD on Dec. 21, 1994 and resigned Dec. 14, 2016, as per the Globe. For the last 18 months of his profession, he was appointed to the “medicinally debilitated area,” the Globe said.

Fisher currently joins a gathering of around 1,000 others who have been accused of felonies regarding the uproars, which interfered with the confirmation of President Joe Await’s discretionary triumph and prompted to five passings and scores of wounds.

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