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Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Bodyguard Bam-Bam Challenges Attackers to $10K Fight

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s protector Bam is standing up interestingly since the rapper got gone after by a gathering of men in a Florida exercise center. The performer’s guardian has provoked the rapper’s aggressors to battle him for $10K.

For those of you who are ignorant, let us share with you, on Tuesday, the 26-year-old rapper was trapped at a rec center in Florida. At the hour of the episode, Tekashi’s security was not with him. Continue to scroll further to figure out what Tekashi’s guardian needs to share with the assailants.

Tekashi’s protector provokes the rapper’s aggressors to battle him for $10K Tekashi’s protector Bam is prepared to battle the rapper’s assailants. Not long after the assault, the air was loaded up with bits of hearsay that Tekashi’s guardian Bam, sorted out for the men to bounce the performer in a South Florida exercise center.



@6ix9ine’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

On Thursday, Bam took to his Instagram page to expose the hypotheses twirling via web-based entertainment. He got tired of the story going around aimlessly on the web and he chose to put any misinformation to rest for the last time.

He put out an extended explanation on Instagram where he shed some light on two or three things. Alongside this, he likewise put $10,000 on the table to battle the ones who went after Tekashi in the exercise center.

According to Complex, Bam stated, “69 a developed man n he needed to hit the treadmill all alone. He be outside like that… I have zero control over him… however to say I set him up… bogus allegations..some thing minorities used to… we be blamed for nothing.”

In the extended Instagram proclamation, he proceeded to say that he would go head-on-head with the four men who went after Tekashi in an exercise center. Alongside this, he likewise slammed one man named Slug Guzman who purportedly partook in the assault.

“4 versus 1 you all powerless ass bitches against win I pay you 10,000$ n on the off chance that you lose you die..there will be no ref..claim it gangstas,” the guardian wrote in the subtitle of the post.

What befell Tekashi 6ix9ine? At the point when the assault occurred, Tekashi whose genuine name is Daniel Hernandez was distant from everyone else in a LA Wellness sauna when a gathering of men showed up at the exercise center and fired thrashing him. Before long, the rapper was raced to a clinic as he experienced numerous wounds to his face.



@6ix9ine’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

In a proclamation gave, 6ix9ine’s legal counselor Spear Lazzaro said, “He was gone after in a Sauna at a rec center by three or four hooligans who beat him up (he had a go at retaliating). He had slices to his face and injuries. Workers heard the unsettling influence and the culprits escaped. Police in South Florida were called and he was moved through emergency vehicle to a nearby clinic.”

As of this moment, the Trollz rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is recuperating in the clinic.

We wish a speedy recuperation to the performer Tekashi 6ix9ine. You can drop your great wishes for the well known rapper in the remarks segment underneath. Remember to remain tuned with us for additional updates from the universe of diversion.

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