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The Suspect Of Anita Knutson’s Murder – How Was She Killed?

Anita Knutson’s homicide in June 2007 stunned the whole local area. She was a 18-year-old understudy who was tracked down dead in her off-grounds home in Minot.

The capture of Nichole Rice, age 34, was disclosed by Minot Police during a news gathering on Walk 16, 2022. At the hour of Anita’s homicide, Rice imparted a space to her.

Anita Knutson had quite recently completed her most memorable semester at North Dakota’s Minot State College. Her family couldn’t get in touch with her on the primary few days of June 2007, which was staggeringly bizarre. After a few fruitless endeavors, Gordon, Anita’s dad, at long last headed to beware of her and revealed something unnerving there.

The homicide case As per her family, not entirely set in stone, mindful, and kind young lady, has recently completed her most memorable year of studies in rudimentary schooling at Minot State College. She was living with Rice in an off-grounds loft while maintaining two sources of income to pay for Rice’s schooling.

The last time her mom, Sharon Knutson, addressed her girl was Friday, June 1, 2007. She informed the genuine wrongdoing program that the two were in touch consistently.

In this manner, on June 4, Sharon mentioned her significant other to drive from their home in Butte, North Dakota, to Anita’s condo after Anita’s telephone went unanswered for a really long time. Anita’s dad, Gardon, attempted to enter the level yet couldn’t on the grounds that it was locked. Subsequently, he went to the Proprietor and the upkeep individual for help. Gordon added that the janitor saw a window screen outside Anita’s level that had been chopped off. As per the sources, the landowner let them inside, after which they reached the Minot Police Division.

He guaranteed that when he looked for the screen, he found it was coming from his little girl’s window. He pivoted and saw his girl, Anita, lying face down on her bed, draining from cut injuries.

Arrest Made in 15-Year-Old Cold Case Murder of Anita Knutson in Minot

— Kelly Siegler (@SieglerKelly) March 16, 2022

Her dad guaranteed that she had been shrouded in a tremendous house coat, and he contacted her by getting through the glass. Gordon remarked, “Her body was cold, so I realized she was dead.”

Examination of Anita Knutson murder case As per the report, when police showed up at the scene at 5:12 p.m., they found a little folding knife shrouded in dried blood on Anita’s bed.

Anita’s PC, versatile, handbag, and computerized camera were undeniably tracked down in her room, as per the sworn statement of the examiners, showing that her passing was not the consequence of a burglary. The report claims there were no signs that someone had entered through Anita’s window, where the screen had been taken out.

As per a source’s meeting with David Goodman from the Minot Police Division, he found blood follows where the screen was cut, showing that it was possible cut after the homicide.

As indicated by agents from Wrongdoing Watch Day to day, police scrutinized Anita’s companions, neighbors, and development laborers performing work close by.

They gathered examples from individuals they talked with and found DNA proof on the folding knife. Police additionally evaluated Anita’s flat mate Rice.

As per reports, Rice let the police know that she enjoyed the end of the week with her loved ones.

According to sources, analysts believed Rice’s story was misleading somehow or another, yet later reports guaranteed that Rice and her folks were conflicting and disconnected.

According to the review, Anita regularly squabbled, as affirmed by the quantity of their companions. Rice was “hot-tempered and responsive,” as to them.

Sharon guaranteed on the appropriate wrongdoing program that Rice had sent Anita undermining messages, adding that Anita feared her. Sharon expressed that Anita had plans to leave.

Rice was never barred as a suspect, as per police boss Klug, yet there was lacking verification to warrant her detainment.

In the wake of teaming up with “Cold Equity,” another genuine wrongdoing show, the Minot Police Division began re-talking with suspects and witnesses early this year, as per Klug.

As per the police boss, the Oxygen-broadcasted episode gave specialists more help and information. Over the long run, Anita’s family became restless and stressed that the police division disregarded the issue. However, Minot Police attest that they have looked constantly for leads and have always remembered about the case.

As indicated by the sworn statement, specialists have gotten a few reports concerning Rice throughout the long term, including one that said Rice’s flat mate admitted to killing Anita while inebriated. The record asserts that analysts didn’t find who Rice purportedly admitted to until recently.

Examiners found that it was a man Rice dated momentarily somewhere in the range of 2008 and 2009. That’s what a few sources guarantee, during that time, the pair was at a party when somebody raised Anita’s passing. According to police articulation, the ex asserted that Rice turned out to be “antagonistically smashed.” The oath guarantees that Rice confessed to him that she had “made it happen.” At the point when Rice was level-headed, and the man attempted to scrutinize her about the admission, she purportedly overlooked the requests bitterly.

As per court reports, Rice should get back to court on April 21. The capture of Nichole Rice Anita Knutson’s homicide case stayed strange for over 14 years and was taken on by the Minot Police Division. Her family communicated their dissatisfaction with the hold-up in interviews throughout the long term, saying they accepted regulation police messed up the test.

During the examination, Minot Police boss John Klug uncovered that Nichole Rice, known as Anita’s flat mate, had been in authority on account of her passing.

She was accused of killing Anita Knutson on September 8 in Minot’s North Region Court. Rice was blamed for Class AA murder for the situation.

Today marks 12 years since my sister, Anita Knutson, was murdered in Minot, North Dakota; we still don’t have answers. If you or anyone you know has any information at all, please contact the @MinotPD at (701)852-0111.

— anna (@annaeknutson) June 4, 2019

After a drawn out period, The Minot Police Division cop Mikali Talbot began dealing with the virus case for quite a while in 2018 and communicated the State’s viewpoint.

Notwithstanding a few irregularities in Rice’s proclamation and explanation for the evening of the homicide, Talbott’s declaration underlines a few realities and bits of proof found at the scene that show the attacker approached Knutson’s level in Minot. Soon after the main request, Rice stayed intrigued by the case and gave the examiners a few assertions.

Talbott refered to certain errors between Rice’s cases and those of relatives, going against the record Rice gave of her activity on June 2.

He likewise shared an explanation from a man who heard Rice admitting while inebriated at a party. A DNA test taken from the deadly weapon is likewise utilized in the State’s arraignment.

Albeit the example was too small to even think about contrasting with the policing, it very well may be contrasted with different pieces for examination.

The example was contrasted with others of premium, yet Rice was the only one from whom the agents couldn’t govern any other individual out.

Rice entered a not-blameworthy supplication after there was sufficient proof to continue with the preliminary. She was captured in Walk 2022 on an AA-crime murder accusation.

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