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“Truly sickening”: Trent Lehrkamp hazing video and unconscious picture spark mass outrage online

On Walk 21, 2023, 19-year-old Georgia adolescent, Trent Lehrkamp was owned up to Southeast Georgia Wellbeing Center in basic condition. Trent was supposedly tormented and hazed by a gathering of youngsters, whom he was spending time with at a party on Holy person Simons Island.

A Facebook account called Glynn Region Residents on The lookout posted a picture where four young men were presenting around Trent, who seemed to have dropped on a seat, with his head drooped to the side while he was canvassed in substances and things.

The picture seems to have been taken on Snapchat. The young men remaining behind him in the picture were flipping their center fingers at the camera.

A 10-second video cut was likewise posted on a similar Facebook page which showed Trent Lehrkamp situated in a seat, again with his head stooped over, and a hose prepared on him.

Around nine other young men should have been visible in the recording while one of them confronted the camera and said: These clasps of the right of passage occurrence left people in general shocked. Twitter client @friscochicken called the occurrence ‘nauseating’.

Late Monday night, on Walk 27, more than 100 individuals collected external the Southeast Georgia Wellbeing Framework in Brunswick to request responsibility. One adolescent present at the get-together said that what befell Trent Lehrkamp was past human.

One more high schooler portrayed Trent as the best and most pleasant youngster. They added:

The vigil was coordinated by Theawanza Creeks, whose nephew Ahmaud Arbery, a person of color, was killed during a racially persuaded disdain wrongdoing in 2020. Individuals on Twitter have likewise communicated their revulsion at Trent’s aggressors and requested equity for the 19-year-old.

Theawanza Streams blamed Glynn District for having a past filled with debasement. She said that the ones that have cash locally, take care of a ton of such circumstances. Notwithstanding, Creeks declared that they planned to battle until they assist with getting Trent Lehrkamp the equity that he merits.

Happening right now, a crowd is outside of a Brunswick hospital with candles and signs to support Trenton Lehrkamp. Trent is still hospitalized tonight following a brutal beating by teens at a house party on St. Simons Island. #justicefortrent #trentonlehrkamp

— Brittany Kleinpeter (@brittanyreport) March 28, 2023

A representative for the Glynn District Police Office made an announcement on Monday night where it said that GCPD keeps on exploring the episode. They expressed that the Georgia Agency of Examinations (GBI) and the Criminal Examination Division (CID) host directed interviews with gatherings that were associated with the situation.

They have gotten articulations to continue with their examination in light of laid out realities. The teenagers present in the video film have been distinguished and further cross examinations are being led.

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