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What happened to 6ix9ine? Rapper rushed to hospital following Florida attack

Daniel Hernandez, expertly known as 6ix9ine, turned into the casualty of an attack occurrence on Tuesday, Walk 21, when a gathering went after him inside an exercise center. The rapper was hurried to the medical clinic.

In a viral video, the rapper was seen passing on the spot with wounds to his face. A couple of others included the assault occurring.

As indicated by the 6ix9ine’s legal counselor Spear Lazzaro, Daniel was at the sauna of LA Wellness when a gathering out of nowhere gone after him. Lazzaro added that the artist attempted to retaliate, yet he proved unable, and the gathering left the spot in the wake of leaving him harmed.

Exercise center authorities promptly educated the supervisor about the assault, after which the police and EMS showed up at the area. A viral image of Daniel included cuts and enlarging all over, and as per reports, he harmed his jaw, ribs, and back.

The thought process behind the episode stays obscure, and it is right now being scrutinized. The assault happened a couple of days after Daniel’s appearance at the World Baseball Exemplary game in Miami, Florida, where he forestalled one more assault and was taken out from the game for being excessively plastered.

6ix9ine was removed from a baseball arena for being vigorously intoxicated6ix9ine was eliminated from a ball game for being excessively smashed (Picture through Johnny Nunez/Getty Pictures)
6ix9ine was taken out from a ball game for being excessively tanked (Picture through Johnny Nunez/Getty Pictures)
6ix9ine was spotted partaking in a ball game at an arena in Miami, Florida, on Walk 18, yet his presence made a difficult situation as he was vigorously intoxicated. Daniel must be taken out from the stands first.

As indicated by a hotspot for Page Six, he was intensely inebriated and was not allowing others to partake in the game appropriately. The source added:

Daniel kept on making more issues in the game as he waved a banner and interfered with a fan’s view. A viral video highlighted him in a totally tipsy state and having issues keeping up with his equilibrium. The issues heightened so much that authorities needed to accompany him out of the arena.

6ix9ine delivered his most memorable collection, Faker Kid, in November 2018 and snatched the second right on target the US Board 200 in spite of negative surveys. This was trailed by Blabbermouths in September 2020, which arrived at fourth situation on the US Announcement 200.

Daniel is additionally known for his singles like Gotti, Bebe, Stoopid, Trollz, Yaya, Punani, Zaza, and the sky is the limit from there. He delivered a mixtape named Day69 in February 2018.

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