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Where is Rosie Seabrook now? Love Island star claims she and Casey O’Gorman “barely spoke” after leaving the villa

Love Island UK season 9 as of late wrapped up and saw numerous couples leave the show together. While there have been examples of overcoming adversity with a few couples affirming that they’re still attached, there are some who have separated, as Rosie and Casey.

Casey took to virtual entertainment during an Instagram question and answer to express that the two are still companions and that life outside the estate is altogether different. In any case, fans were holding on to hear Rosie’s perspective. The truth star, who is presently back in the UK, took to YouTube to address a few much-posed inquiries about her situation with Casey as she uncovered the pair “scarcely talked” in the wake of leaving the manor.

The Affection Island 2023 challenger as of late took to online entertainment to offer her fans a chance to pose her inquiries that they needed replies to and later gathered her responses in a YouTube video. In the video, she resolved inquiries regarding her on-screen sentiment with Casey O’Gorman and their condition in the wake of leaving the show.

In the clasp, Rosie Seabrook explained that while the two were coupled up during the show, it was truly early and sentiments were not involved. She added that despite the fact that they invested some energy in South Africa in the wake of being dispensed with, they didn’t get to know each other later. She accepted this was on the grounds that they had quite recently gotten their telephones back following quite a while of being separated from loved ones. She further uncovered that the two didn’t talk a lot subsequent to returning to the UK all things considered.

The Adoration Island season 9 contender added that she contacted Casey yet she never sincerely heard back from him and that he didn’t try after the show finished. While in the estate, Rosie had frequently contemplated whether their relationship was uneven and her questions cleared up once they got back to reality.

The truth star was additionally gotten some information about her situation with Keenan and whether she laments not coupling up with him during the show. She expressed that she thinks twice about it and that she thought he was appealing starting from the main day she met him.

“We really met before we went into the estate. We did a few recording for After Sun and things like that together so we did truly meet before around a few times and I truly liked him.”

Rosie Seabrook (@rosieseabrook)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

The Affection Island late appearance expressed that since the two of them entered the show as stunners, they headed out in a different direction and didn’t invest energy getting to know each other. Rosie added that they constructed a “truly strong companionship” and that Keenan was likely the nearest individual to her during her time in the manor.

She expressed that Keenan got the “go for it” the strategies to get to know her better, however she didn’t. In any case, when they talked on the porch in one of the episodes, the two of them realized they thought of each as other alluring.

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