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Who Are Chris Rock Siblings? Meet His Brothers and Sisters

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Entertainer and comic Chris Rock has a sum of seven kin; six brothers and one sister.

Their names are Charles Ladell Rock, Andre Rock, Tony Rock, Brian Rock, Kenny Rock, Jordan Rock, and Andi Rock. Charles Ladell Rock is the most seasoned of the Stone kin.

What number of Kin Does Chris Shake Have? Altogether, Chris Rock has seven kin, which involve one more seasoned stepbrother, five direct brothers, and one sister.

Preceding the association of Chris Rock’s folks, Julius Rock and Rosalie Rock, his dad had Charles Ladell Rock, who is Chris’ stepbrother.

The following are the names of the comedian’s siblings:

Chris might be the most established in his family unit, yet Charles Ledell Rock, Julius’ child from his past relationship, is Chris’ more seasoned stepbrother. Charles was born on October 13, 1953, only two years before Chris was born. Before his demise, he was known for liquor addiction which destroyed his marriage and brought about him functioning as a medical clinic groundskeeper.

As per reports, Charles struggled liquor addiction and dependence his whole life and died while living in a destitute safe house. Chris Rock was very close with his stepbrother and made an honest effort to save him from his negative behavior pattern. The entertainer supported him to go to recovery in 2005, however it was anything but a triumph as he left and never returned.

He got back to the safe house and continued to work at the medical clinic as a groundskeeper. On January 29, 2009, his wellbeing turned out to be more awful, and he was taken to Harlem, New York. He was unable to make it and died on February 4, 2006, at 52 years old, in the emergency clinic.

In spite of the fact that he may not be the Stone family’s most notable or persuasive part, he certainly outflanked his brothers regarding instructive foundation and had a MBA.

Andre Rock, Chris Rock’s quick more youthful kin, has kept a position of safety notwithstanding his brother’s popularity.

Andre, who was born in 1967, hasn’t been spotted around Chris or his family all the time. He was once seen on his more youthful brother’s Instagram, Kenny Rock, on his birthday.

However he keeps insights regarding himself hidden, Andre is a notable financial specialist.

He began Julius Rock Shipping Inc., a shipping organization that bears his late dad’s name. The big name brother imparts a cozy relationship to his senior brother, Chris Rock.

Tony Rock was born on June 30, 1974, to Chris Rock’s folks in Brooklyn, New York. Very much like Chris, Tony is likewise grounded in media outlets and is a jokester, entertainer, television host, and essayist. He rose to popularity in the wake of showing up in an episode of Everyone Abhors Chris as the amusing Uncle Ryan. The episode was evidently founded on Chris and his own uncle.



Kenny Rock (@therealkennyrock)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

The entertainer’s more youthful brother has showed up in episodes of sitcoms, including Living Scripturally and We all, and he even had a common part in his own more practical series.

Tony emulated his brother’s example and sought after a lifelong in satire. That’s what he guaranteed, somehow or another, this worked out easily for him in light of the fact that, as a kid, he and Chris would listen eagerly to satire records by Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Eddie Murphy in their Bedford-Stuyvesant home.

Coming after his brother is at last both an advantage and a revile, as indicated by Tony. He supposedly shares an exceptionally cozy relationship with his brother and wouldn’t think back on safeguarding him. During the 2022 Oscars, Will Smith struck Chris after he poked fun at Jada Pinkett Smith’s bare scalp.

Inevitably, he offered a statement of regret, referencing Tony who he was old buddies with. Their relationship appears to have been stressed as Tony has not given a straight reaction to the entertainer. In a meeting, he applauded his brother’s looks when he was gotten some information about how he had an outlook on his brother’s relationship with Lake Beauty.

Brian Rock, similar to his brother Andre, has picked to keep away from the spotlight and is seldom found out in the open with his less camera-modest brothers, considerably less via online entertainment. He was born on May 18, yet his extended period of birth has stayed obscure. As indicated by certain sources, Brian as of now stands firm on the footing of chapel minister.

Kenny Rock is one of Chris Rock’s quick kin who has found some kind of harmony between taking a stab at diversion and staying away from the spotlight.

All things considered, he has showed up in a couple of films, including Unintentional Executioner and Vesuvius. Despite the fact that Kenny doesn’t utilize Instagram all that much of the time, he appreciates posting photos of his family, from selfies with Chris to old photographs of matron Rose.

In spite of Chris’ solace before arena measured swarms, Kenny said in a 2017 meeting with The New York Times that he sees his brother as a loner.

He expressed that Chris has an alternate, great circle of people encompassing him, and he’s downright off-kilter in friendly circumstances.

Kenny further uncovered that one wouldn’t get a lot of words out of Chris while you’re with him past work.



Kenny Rock (@therealkennyrock)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Jordan Rock was born on February 10, 1991, in South Carolina. He later moved to Brooklyn to investigate satire and be near his brothers subsequent to flopping secondary school.

The jokester joined the practice of his brothers in media outlets and is an entertainer and humorist. Jordan is known for assuming the part of Kevin in the TV series Love.

In view of recent college grads, Jordan focuses on his satire with lines like, “I’m Jordan Rock, I’m Chris Rock’s more youthful brother, I question that any of you have known about me, I’m the Solange of my family, all things considered.” He is very near his kin, particularly Chris Rock.

What number of Sisters Does Chris Shake Have? The entertainer apparently has just a single sister, who is known as Andi Rock. The following is all that is made accessible about Chris Rock’s sister. Andi Rock was born on Walk 19, 1985 to Chris Rock’s folks. She is the main natural sister of the entertainer cum jokester and offers a decent connection with him.

As per reports, Andi is presently situated in Rock Slope, South Carolina, and is a specialist with an emphasis on working with mentally unbalanced youngsters.

Andi Rock is hitched to her drawn out accomplice, Brett Nelson, and has not invited any youngster with him yet.

She imparts a nearby cling to every one of her brothers and is similarly valued by them. In an Instagram photograph of Andi, Jordan, Kenny, and Chris presenting happily together in anticipation of special times of year, Kenny delicately alluded to her as his ‘little sister,’ exhibiting how much her more seasoned brothers revere her and all that she has achieved.

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