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Who Has Jennifer Lopez Dated, Married or Had A Fling With?

Jennifer Lopez is presently in a drawn out relationship with resigned baseball player Alex Rodriguez. Before him, she had been hitched multiple times – to Ojani Noa (m. 1997-1998), Cris Judd (m. 2001-2003), and Marc Anthony (m. 2004-2014). The entertainer has likewise been sincerely connected to Chris Paciello (1992 to 1994), Wesley Kills (1994-1995), Sean ‘Diddy’ Brushes (1999-2001), Ben Affleck (mid-2002 to mid 2004), Casper Savvy (2011-2014, ?- 2016), and Drake (2016-2017).

Since she started off her diversion vocation, Jennifer Lopez, otherwise called J-Lo, has never had a dull second. Past the work front, she has likewise had a really active time in the adoration office where she has not needed admirers to look over. Her bright dating list incorporates the names of probably the most well known men in the business. Here is a finished rundown of her past connections. Jennifer Lopez’s Exes Chris Paciello (1992 to 1994) Chris Paciello has found time to date a lot of Top notch stars in music and motion pictures the same.

Prior to all of that, notwithstanding, he used to loot houses to help himself until he confessed to charges that were taken against him and was shipped off jail.

Years after the fact as an ex-con, he would attempt to get the bits of his life and earn enough to pay the rent as a money manager.

Having brought in sufficient cash to stand out, he before long began blending with famous people and dated a lot of them as well.

He dated Jennifer Lopez from 1992 to 1994. Other than her, nonetheless, he has additionally dated well known stars like Madonna, Sofia Vergara, and Naomi Campbell.

Wesley Kills (1994-1995) Jennifer Lopez and Wesley Kills met while on set, recording the film Cash Train in 1994. They needed to do an adoration scene for the cash which evidently went on after the film. They began dating soon after they met and were just together for a brief time, separating after under a year together in 1995.

Since their separation, Lopez has communicated laments over the adoration scene they did and has straightforwardly said it shouldn’t have worked out.

Ojani Noa (m. 1997-1998) Ojani Noa and Jennifer Lopez began dating in April 1996. Following 10 months of dating, the pair got hitched on the 22nd of February 1997. After the wedding, Noa picked to work at Madre’s (Jennifer’s Latin Eatery) however was terminated for a few sick behaviors which drove him to sue the performer in reprisal.

Thusly, a classification understanding was drawn up yet he penetrated the agreement and soon the vocalist was suing him for intrusion of security close by the breaking. These events caused their union with appear to be more similar to a front line than the adoration relationship that it should be. The couple at long last isolated in January 1998 and got separated on the first of Walk 1998.

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Sean ‘Diddy’ Brushes (1999-2001) American rapper, Diddy, uncovered that he was involved with Jennifer Lopez in August 1999. The two had been together for a really long time however never openly recognized their relationship. Unfortunately by February 2001, it became visible that the relationship had gotten together with next to no genuine explanation from one or the other party.

Cris Judd (m. 2001-2003) The American entertainer and choreographer dated Jennifer Lopez for a considerable length of time, after they met while on the arrangement of Affection Don’t Cost A Thing (Lopez’s Music Video). They got hitched on the 29th of September, 2001. The marriage, tragically, didn’t keep going long and the two got isolated in May 2002 and at last got separated on the thirteenth of January, 2003. Ben Affleck (mid-2002 to mid 2004) The Latin pop star and Ben Affleck met while on the arrangement of the 2002 film Gigli.

Right now, Lopez was as yet hitched to Cris Judd. At the point when Jennifer was currently separating from Cris Judd, Affleck began spreading the word.

They were both later seen at a Vancouver strip club. In 2003, their relationship bloomed into a commitment and, surprisingly, on to wedding plans.

Sadly, things didn’t function as expected and in 2004, they canceled the wedding and cut off their friendship.

Marc Anthony (m. 2004-2014) After the canceled wedding with Ben Affleck in 2004, Jennifer Lopez got hitched to American vocalist, Marc Anthony on the fifth of June, 2004 following two months of dating.

The couple regularly teamed up. They were seen on set together for the film El Cantante (2006) and they likewise chipped away at melodies for one another’s collections. Following four years of marriage, on the 22nd of February, 2008, Jennifer conveyed twins – a kid, Maximilian David and a young lady, Emme Marie.

Unfortunately in 2011, MarcAnthonyy and Jennifer Lopez openly declared that they had commonly consented to end their marriage. They in the long run got separated on the sixteenth of June, 2014.

Casper Shrewd (2011-2014, ?- 2016) The pair initially started dating in November 2011 yet by June 2014, they had headed out in a different direction. Not long after, the two were affirmed to be back together. They were seen together on a heartfelt date in Las Vegas and were likewise at a Youngster Ink Show. The whole relationship at last finished in August 2016.

Drake (2016-2017) Canadian rapper and lyricist, Drake, was sincerely associated with Jennifer Lopez in November 2016. The Honor winning artiste posted a comfortable picture of the two of them on Instagram. They were additionally seen at Drake’s Las Vegas Show. However, following two months, they tapped out in January 2017.

Remarkable Reports Jennifer Lopez was reputed to have connected with Ukrainian-American dance teacher, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, in 2014.

The pair never expressed that they were a couple yet consistently said they appreciated each other’s conversation as they cooperated.

Later she was reputed to be involved with Rodrigo Santoro her co-star in the film, What’s in store While You’re Expecting (2012).

It was accounted for that there was here and there the set science going on. Be that as it may, the case was unwarranted.

She was likewise reputed to date the Elite entertainer, Bradley Cooper in September 2011. They were seen eating in New York City however the pair guaranteed it was a conference.

Who is Jennifer Lopez Dating? Jennifer Lopez is right now involved with the resigned competitor, Alex Rodriguez. The two started dating on the third of February, 2017. The lovebirds were seen as of late in Italy, getting away. Alex, a previous baseball shortstop, posted a video on Instagram, showing himself and Jennifer Lopez singing while at the same time partaking in a boat ride.

The two by and by appear to be content and happily enamored; despite the fact that, they have expressed that they are in no rush to stroll down the passageway.

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