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Who is Chris Chan’s mother, Barbara Weston? Sonichu creator’s mugshot goes viral after prison release

Barbara Anne Weston was born in 1952
She experiences Dementia
Her little girl, prevalently known as Chris Chan was captured in 2021 for an inbreeding charge

Chris Chan, a YouTuber whose genuine name is Christine Weston Chandler, was let out of prison on Monday, Walk 27, 2023. Chan’s mugshot picture is currently becoming a web sensation.

On August 1, 2021, the creator of Sonichu — likewise referred to online as CwcvilleGuardian — was arrested on interbreeding related charges. This happened because of an implied telephone conversation that was released on the web and showed she had close experiences with her dementia-stricken mother, 79.

Who is Chris Chan’s mom, Barbara Weston? Born 1952, Barbara Anne Weston is Youtuber Christine Weston Chandler’s mom. Barbara experiences dementia.

Her little girl, prominently known as Chris Chan was captured in 2021 for an interbreeding charge. Chan, a transgender craftsman and vlogger who goes by the name Christine Weston Chandler, was captured in 2021 and stopped in the Henrico Region Prison in Virginia on a charge of criminal inbreeding, which conveys a most extreme 12-year prison sentence. In 2021, she was delivered.

In the wake of getting “data including sex violations against, an in the relative Ruckersville region,” examiners “gave a warrant for Chandler’s capture.”

Chandler has gone through numerous years living in Ruckersville, Virginia, with her kid mother, Barbara.

Chris-chan’s mugshot

— The Prime Minister of Ireland (@RedLandmaster) January 1, 2015

Sonichu, a half breed of Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog, and Rosechu, his old flame, are two of Chandler’s most notable comic book characters. She has in excess of 50,000 devotees to her YouTube account.

Chandler’s capture happened only days after a call, accepted to be Chandler, seemed to concede engaging in sexual relations with her old mother, who is remembered to have dementia, and was spilled on a texting stage.

As indicated by the eight-minute discussion’s sound recording, Chandler supposedly illuminates a colleague that her mom, Barbara, “took the principal action,” which prompted both of them sharing a kiss.

Chandler allegedly asserted that in the wake of holding sexual feelings for her mom for quite a long time and in any event, longing for having intercourse with her, she took care of the circumstance with “care and reasonability.”

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