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Who is Dora Szilagyi? Yeezy’s former ‘Director of Product Innovation’ sues Kanye West over $275,000 breach of contract

Dora Szilagyi is the previous Head of Item Advancement at Yeezy
She quit Adidas to join Yeezy in 2016
She has recently worked with Hole and Levi Strauss

Dora Szilagyi, a fashioner who quit Adidas to join Yeezy, claims Kanye West didn’t pay her $275,000 per her agreement. The previous ‘Overseer of Item Development’ was persuaded by West to stop Adidas and go along with him in 2016.

Presently she had documented a claim charging default of her severance bundle, which was guaranteed in her agreement, if she somehow happened to be terminated after September 1, 2021.

She says that when she was terminated in mid-December 2021, she was not paid the sum, and presently she is hauling the rapper to the court.

Kanye “Ye” West is getting sued by a former employee for $275,000. The lawsuit cites breach of contract and wrongful termination.

— (@sohhdotcom) March 31, 2023

Who is Dora Szilagyi? Dora Szilagyi is a noticeable figure in the style business, referred to for her job as the Senior VP of Creation and Obtaining at Yeezy, the famous design brand established by performer and business visionary Kanye West.

With long periods of involvement with the design business, Szilagyi plays had an essential impact in molding Yeezy’s prosperity since joining the organization in 2016. In her job at Yeezy, Szilagyi supervised the creation and obtaining of the brand’s clothing and footwear items. She worked intimately with providers and makers to guarantee that the creation interaction moves along as planned and productively, while keeping up with exclusive expectations of value control.

Szilagyi’s endeavors have been instrumental in Yeezy’s capacity to keep up with its standing as a state of the art style brand, known for its novel plans and top notch items.

Prior to joining Yeezy, Szilagyi worked at a few other unmistakable style organizations, including Adidas, Hole, and Levi Strauss. She has likewise been a vocal supporter for supportability in the design business, attempting to advance all the more harmless to the ecosystem practices and materials.

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