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Who Is Giancarlo Stanton’s Wife or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Giancarlo Stanton isn’t hitched, be that as it may, he is supposedly involved with California-born model and entertainer Priscilla Quintana.

the 33-year-old American expert baseball player’s relationship status will continuously be a subject of discussion given his big name status.

Furthermore, he has had many comments with regards to this issue. This article gives all the data you really want regarding the matter of Giancarlo Stanton’s relationship status.

Giancarlo Stanton Doesn’t Have A Spouse Giancarlo Stanton isn’t as of now hitched and has never been hitched by the same token.

His conjugal status has created questions that he has consistently replied in essentially a similar way.

In May 2021, a questioner with the New York Post asked him how he preferred being alluded to as one of New York’s most qualified unhitched males. His answer that it permitted him to zero in on being the best baseball player he can be basically summarized his inspiration for being unmarried regardless of being now in his 30s at that point.

Born Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton on November 8, 1989, in Display City, California, the beneficiary of the 2012 Wilson Protective Player of the Year Grant has endeavored to accomplish his vocation objectives, beginning from his exchange from Verdugo Slopes Secondary School to Notre Lady Secondary School where he was a three-sport competitor (baseball, ball, and football)

His amazing skills acquired him offers from UCLA, UNLV, and USC to play football however he selected to go to Tulane College, the main organization that offered him the chance to participate in his most memorable love, baseball. Stanton was drafted 76th by and large in the 2007 MLB draft by the Florida/Miami Marlins and he made his presentation for the group on June 8, 2010, subsequent to investing some energy in the lower levels.



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He played for the Marlins from 2010 to 2017 preceding passing on to join his current group, the New York Yankees, in 2018. With the information on how cutthroat the game can be and the stuff to be an important MLB player, few would scold Giancarlo Stanton for focusing on his baseball profession over marriage.

The MLB star, who is still in his 30s coincidentally, didn’t preclude the possibility of one day settling down with a spouse however he guarantees he will possibly do so when he tracks down a lady worth settling down with. Certain pundits might consider the way that it is shockingly that Giancarlo doesn’t have a series of kids lying around the country.

Giancarlo Stanton Is Allegedly Dating Priscilla Quintana For all his discussion of trusting that the perfect lady will go along, Giancarlo Stanton has dated a couple of ladies and is by and by reputed to be involved with California-born model and entertainer, Priscilla Quintana. Born Priscilla Ann Quintana in 1993, in Downey, California, Stanton’s reputed old flame is most popular as the entertainer behind the personality of Jacqueline “Jax” Zhou in the CW sci-fi series Pandora.

The 53-year-old entertainer has additionally acted in a few different films and Network programs, including however not restricted to Traffik (2018), Irate 7 (2015), Web Map book (2015), and Deadly Weapon (2013). We have not yet affirmed how Stanton met the entertainer yet the supposed couple was first seen together at a club following the July 2022 MLB Top pick Game in Los Angeles.

The bits of gossip began when Gregory Stanton, who was named the game’s Most Important Player (MVP), was envisioned all grins and in a comfortable setting with the Great Difficulty entertainer. To additional stir up the tales guaranteeing that she and the MLB star were seeing someone, Quintana posted an image of Stanton on her Instagram stories to salute him on his MVP execution. She likewise added a white heart emoticon to the post.

Considering that they follow each other on Instagram, she labeled the New York Yankees star in the post. The Instagram story has since terminated yet any individual who got a brief look at it felt leaned to accept the bits of gossip that sincerely connected Giancarlo Stanton to Priscilla Quintana. Neither Stanton nor Quintana has considered it fit to explain the bits of hearsay to date, having the feeling that the reports were just tales.



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A Glance At Giancarlo Stanton’s Dating History The way that Giancarlo Stanton is yet to be hitched doesn’t mean the suspicion that he has been single and chaste for the span of his grown-up life up until this point. Without alluding to the ladies he probably went head to head with in school, the MLB star, previously alluded to as Mikey Stanton, has had an expansive dating history.

Other than his supposed relationship with Priscilla Quintana, Giancarlo Stanton’s dating history shows that he has been sincerely associated with two ladies before. First with the Bahamas-born model Pursue Carter and later with Brazilian-born model, Daiane Sodre.

Pursue Carter Giancarlo Stanton and Pursue Carter supposedly dated for quite a long time from 2018-2019. In spite of being almost 10 years more established than the model, who was born on June 10, 1997, in Nassau, The Bahamas, Stanton wouldn’t let the chance to date a model who had filled in as a Maybelline minister at the New York City Design Week in sequential times of 2015 elapse by him.



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They were acquainted with one another at a cause occasion facilitated by a partner of Stanton’s and a common companion of both him and the model in New York in late 2017. They became official in 2018 and were very affectionate and steady of one another while the relationship endured. We still can’t seem to recognize the explanations behind the brief sentiment among Stanton and Pursue yet we can affirm that the relationship finished in November 2019.

Daiane Sodre In 2022, there were reports that the MLB star was furtively dating Brazilian supermodel Daiane Sodre. Born Daiane Sodre Da Silva on Walk 11, 1993, Sodre is in a similar age section as Stanton’s supposed current sweetheart Priscilla Quintana. While they were dating, she supposedly spent a Christmas season with his family in Los Angeles where they remained at the Promontory Lodging, Beverly Slopes.



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The relationship apparently finished in light of Giancarlo Stanton’s meandering eyes, which Sodre was not exactly happy with. For the present, apparently while Giancarlo Stanton has not shown to be unwilling to the possibility of marriage, he is deciding to keep his choices open in such manner, a decision that has demonstrated baffling to the ladies he has dated.

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