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Who is Iran Angelo? Get To Know Hulk’s Ex-Wife

Iran Angelo (born nineteenth June 1968; Age: 54 years of age) is a Brazilian media character who is renowned as the ex of Mass, the Brazilian soccer star. Angelo and Mass met in Japan around 2006/2007 and began dating. They later proceeded to seal the deal, and their marriage went on for a very long time, during which they invited three youngsters.

Many anticipated that Angelo and Mass should experience their other lives in conjugal euphoria, yet this was not to be as they sought legal separation in 2019.

This was an impolite shock for fans, yet considerably more dubious was the way that Mass proceeded to date his significant other’s a lot more youthful niece named Camilla.

Angelo didn’t conceal her wrath, however she has since continued on with her personal business and is flourishing with her children.

Iran Angelo is Initially from Brazil Iran Angelo is 54 years of age as she was born on the nineteenth of June 1968. Her complete name upon entering the world is Iran Angelo de Sousa, and she has Brazilian ethnicity. Her nationality is Latina. Angelo hails from a group of four that incorporated her late guardians, Severino Angelo and Maria do Socorro Antas.

She has two kin, specifically a sister Niris Angelo and a brother Eudo Angelo. Iran experienced childhood in spots like Paraíba, North Western Brazil.

She finished what might be compared to a secondary school instruction. It is additionally conceivable that she went much farther than that, yet this is unsubstantiated.



She and Mass Started Dating in the wake of Meeting in Japan During the 2000s Iran Angelo initially met Mass in a Japanese eatery around 2006/2007.

Around then, she was a creative, free woman in her 30s while he was in his mid 20s and launching his football vocation.

They fortified over their common Brazilian roots. They later began to appreciate one another and began dating. Iran and Mass dated for quite a while and later secured the bunch in 2007.

She was Mass’ Better half for a very long time and They Invited Three Youngsters Together Iran Angelo’s union with Mass went on for a considerable length of time.

During this period, they invited three kids. The first was a child named Ian, who was born around 2010. The second is a child, Thiago, who was born around 2012.

The couple likewise embraced a girl named Alice, who was born around 2014. Angelo and her significant other showered a ton of adoration for their children.They likewise offered them a rich way of life as they had each flourished in their particular vocations. The couple frequently flaunted their family on Instagram, and many begrudged what they had.

They Separated in 2019 in the midst of Bits of gossip about Treachery Iran Angelo and Mass had something to be thankful for that gone on for a long time.

Things later went bad among them, and by July 2019, they split forever. The couple at first gave no excuse for the split, however gossipy tidbits about treachery streamed out.

They in any case pushed ahead with their separation, and it was thusly concluded.



The specific separation terms are not accessible, however Iran probably gotten some monetary repayment from her ex. She got essential authority of the children while her ex was given appearance privileges. The several has given their all to continue genially. Some hostility, in any case, emerged between them because of Mass beginning a sentiment with Iran’s niece, Camilla.

Iran Angelo was Insulted when her Ex Began Dating her Niece, Camilla Iran Angelo and Mass’ separation was at first very much like some other routine split.

It, in any case, created a great deal of debates after it arose that Mass had started a relationship with Angelo’s niece named Camilla. She is the little girl of Angelo’s sister, and they were very close. Camilla frequently got to spend time with Angelo and her children and this was the way she knew Mass. They consequently began dating after he separated from her auntie.

The disclosure of the situation produced an embarrassment of heavenly extents, with numerous sensationalist newspapers conveying it. Iran Angelo was very crushed by it and later allowed a meeting in which she blamed her significant other for cheating with Camilla when they were hitched. She likewise communicated distress at the aggravation Camilla set her back.

Angelo expressed that she gave her niece everything on the planet, including genuine love. She likewise expressed that she forfeited a ton for Camilla and lamented being excessively trusting and cherishing. Mass, on his own part, was guarded. He expressed that he never truly adored Angelo and wedded her since she got pregnant with their most memorable youngster.

He additionally kept up with that despite the fact that he undermined Angelo during their association, the relationship with Camilla just emerged after their separation.



Camila Ângelo (@camila_angelo_oficial)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Camilla, on her own part, attempted to offer to set things right to her auntie. In an erased Instagram post, she recognized that she had violated her auntie and lamented over the deficiency of her auntie’s affection. She additionally expressed that she actually cherished her auntie without a doubt.

Iran Angelo has Since Continued on with Her Personal business It has been a long time since the entire outrage, and Iran Angelo has continued on with her personal business.

She lives in Brazil with her three children and pampers a ton of affection on them. They likewise love and praise her on days like mother’s day.

Iran Angelo’s Total assets Iran Angelo has a total assets of $7 million to $8 million. A wellspring of her abundance might be the separation settlement she got from her ex. Another source may likewise be online entertainment. Angelo has a portion of 1,000,000 supporters on her Instagram and frequently shares photos of her wonderful children there.

She additionally shares legacy photos of her relatives as well as pictures of herself traveling at dazzling areas. Angelo has additionally utilized her record to advance the music and shows of performers like Brazilian vocalist Luisa Sonza. She is, in this way, a web-based entertainment force to be reckoned with at any rate and conceivably even a craftsman chief.



A Gander at Iran Angelo’s Level and Body Estimations Iran Angelo is of normal level and has a hot build. Her level is 5 feet 7 inches, while her weight is assessed at 58 kg or 128 lbs. Her other body estimations are chest – 38, midsection – 26, and hips – 35. Angelo gloats of an advantageous look, and this has prompted reports that she might have undergone surgery.

However, there is no reality to this. She has not gone through any plastic medical procedure, but instead keeps up with her figure through a functioning way of life and exercises like boxing.

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