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Who is Jenesis Sanchez, XXXTentacion’s girlfriend?

Jenesis Sanchez was born in 2001
Sanchez lives in Tampa, Florida
Sanchez was dating XXXTentacion

After XXXTentacion’s supposed executioners were seen as at legitimate fault for killing X, the rapper’s sweetheart gave an assertion.

The mother of XXXTentacion’s child Gekyume, Jenesis Sanchez, composed a contacting Instagram post on Monday, because of the liable judgment being conveyed in the XXXTentacion murder preliminary.

“Following 5 monotonous years you may at long last find happiness in the hereafter. Gekyume won’t ever get to meet you earthside yet it is my occupation as a mother to guarantee I share the exceptional recollections with him. Jah was denied of his life and Geky was denied of his dad.

For this I won’t ever really experience total harmony however a fair outcome being given today helps the recuperating system. Much thanks to you for the love and backing I’m endlessly appreciative for every one of the allies, your energy and petitions to heaven have conveyed me these most recent 5 years, ” she composed.

Who is Jenesis Sanchez? Jenesis Sanchez was born in 2001 in Fortune, Rhode Island. She moved to Tampa, Florida, with her folks when she was youthful and has lived there from that point onward.

Sanchez began dating XXXTentacion in 2018. The pair had known about one another for a long while.

She uncovered that they met at a party inferable from a shared companion who presented them.

Sanchez then, at that point, migrated from Tampa to Parkland in February 2018 to be nearer to her accomplice. The two have a child named Gekyume. She then, at that point, uncovered that she needed to have a crisis C-area to bring forth her child kid and wished to keep away from any extra pressure at that point.

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“I will never truly have complete peace”

— XXL Magazine (@XXL) March 20, 2023

Sanchez guarantees that she and XXXTentacion had proactively settled on names for their youngster before the rapper’s unfavorable destruction.

In the event that it were a female, they would have called her Xiorra after a person from the computer game ‘Realm Hearts’.

Sanchez brought forth a newborn kid on January 26, 2019, and named him Gekyume. (articulated Gek-yoom).

“Gekyume implies different state or next universe of thought,” she made sense of. Also, certain, Jahseh picked this name before he died.”

“I understand it’s hard to say, Gekyume. So he’s known as Yume.”

Sanchez portrays herself and XXXTentacion’s genuine name, Jahesh Onfroy, as “recluse crabs” who “didn’t go out a lot.”

She went through hours playing computer games at home with the late rapper, prior to remarking on how she will bring up their child: “I’m certainly not going to at any point lie about him. He will catch wind of his father all day, every day.”

“I will educate him regarding every one of the affectionate recollections I have with his father, Jahseh. I will let him know how much his father would have adored him. I know once in a while, presumably when he progresses in years, it will influence him more than now when he is more youthful, yet he’s most certainly going to be familiar with his dad,” Sanchez added.

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