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Who is Julia Fox’s Ex-husband Peter Artemiev and What is His Net Worth?

Peter Artemiev is a Brooklyn-based private pilot with a total assets assessed at around $1-2 million.

He turned into a person of note after his union with Italian-American model and entertainer Julia Fox. Beside his union with a Hollywood star, Peter would most likely stay obscure to people in general and despite it, he actually keeps a confidential life. He was hitched to the Whole Diamonds star for only two years before they reassessed the association.

The two have since continued on toward date others however a little show to a great extent is continuously raising its head up.

Is Peter Artemiev Russian? The main identity connected to Peter Artemiev is American, despite the fact that a few unsubstantiated sources say he is Russian.

This suspicion could have something to do with his last name which appears as though something out of Russia or its adjoining Ukraine. In any case, from what we know, Peter is from Brighton Ocean side, Brooklyn, in the US. His real date of birth isn’t public information however he is supposed to be a few years more established than his ex Julia Fox who was born on February 2, 1990.

Peter Artemiev is a Caucasian male yet his family foundation can’t be followed as of now because of his security strategies. Consequently, his folks and any kin he probably imparted his life as a youngster to are not known to the overall population. He, be that as it may, grew up with his family in Brooklyn, his city of birth.

Is Julia Fox’s Child Daddy A Pilot? Julia Fox’s ex and child daddy is a pilot by calling however he works in the confidential area.

There are likewise reports that he is a finance manager with a few organizations in his name. Notwithstanding, that piece of his expert life is yet to be confirmed.

He is clearly knowledgeable, that is assuming his profession decision is anything to go by. Peter prepared as a pilot in New York and has been in the field for some time.

Likewise, his endeavors as a pilot are not exactly known, maybe in light of the fact that he is a confidential pilot yet he has served in that limit in Brighton Ocean side.

His profession is by all accounts doing fine and dandy, including when his union with Julia Fox.

How Much is Peter Artemiev’s Total assets? Peter Artemiev’s total assets is assessed at around $1-2 million. This is clearly obtained from his profession as a confidential pilot and some other business he has wandered into. Notwithstanding, Peter Artmeiev’s total assets recoils when contrasted with that of his ex.

Julia Fox, as indicated by sources, sits on a total assets of $30 million. She procures as a model and furthermore as an entertainer. Julia is additionally answerable for carrying Peter to the spotlight as he was moderately obscure before they met and got hitched. Tragically, Peter can’t partake in that big fortune as he is presently separated from Julia Fox.

He Wedded Julia Fox in 2018 and They Separated from Two Years After the fact Peter Artemiev and Julia Fox were once a wonderful couple respected by a larger number of people. It has not been laid out about how and when they met, as well as how long they dated before they got hitched. Notwithstanding, the couple secured the bunch formally in November 2018 in the US.

They began a family together and lived joyfully for only two years before inconvenience tracked down its direction into their heaven.

The couple tapped out two years after their wedding and, surprisingly, the introduction of their child never really halted them.

For what reason Did Peter Artemiev Separation Julia Fox? Bits of gossip about their detachment began getting out and about in 2020 when Julia Fox took to her Instagram to erase their photos.

They later separated from one another yet neglected to give everything away about the justification for that choice.

Up to this point, there is not an obvious explanation Peter Artemiev separated from Julia Fox.

Be that as it may, she has been dropping clues about potential issues they had during their marriage. In an Instagram story that later vanished, Julia Fox called Peter a deadbeat father who is never accessible for his kid. She likewise implied that he is dependent on medications and liquor and frequently belittles strip clubs while disregarding his obligations as a dad.

Representing himself, Peter denied those allegations yet would not remark further to safeguard Julia’s protection, his youngster’s moreover. Julia likewise came out later with a conciliatory sentiment, saying she was off-base in calling peter a deadbeat father since he isn’t. As indicated by her, the mind-boggling dejection she felt at the time made her snap.



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They Have A Child Julia Fox and Peter Artemiev invited their lone kid, a child, in December 2020. Peter’s child is name Valentino.

Clearly, having a kid together didn’t help their shriveling bond and, surprisingly, after the separation, the presence of the youngster isn’t uniting them true to form.

From goodies dropped by Fox, the introduction of their kid woke them up to the contrariness between them. Valentino is only 2 years of age and excessively youthful to realize which profession way he would follow. He is for the most part raised by his mother who has blamed Artemiev for being a missing dad.

Who Is Peter Artemiev Dating Now? Peter Artemiev’s nonattendance via web-based entertainment has made it a piece hard to tell what is happening in his affection life. Since his split from Julia Fox, the pilot has not surfaced on the dating scene. He should date somebody in private as he loves to get individual data far from people in general.

His ex has affirmed that Peter Artemiev couldn’t care less about media consideration when she said; “He simply is so not about this life,” she said of the confidential pilot.

“He doesn’t give a f-k about it. He’s, similar to, the most chillest, sensible, legitimate person.”

On her own part, Julia Fox has continued on with her affection own personal business in a plugged relationship with American rap star Kanye West.

The relationship was unveiled through a photoshoot delivered on January 7, 2021. The couple met on New Year’s Eve around the same time, not long after Julia’s parted with Artemiev.

Julia and Kanye have been spotted on date evenings at places like Broadway and the Italian eatery Carbone. From the viral photographs of the team, they clearly look glad. Julia has additionally said Kanye brings fun energy that keeps her and her companions snickering at whatever point he is near.

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