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Who is Ken Francis, non NFLPA certified agent trying to persuade NFL teams for Lamar Jackson trade?

Adam Schefter on Thursday shared an update saying that a man named Ken Francis is reaching groups for a Lamar Jackson exchange
He is a non NFLPA confirmed specialist
Francis is presently attempting to arrange a nine-figure contract with NFL groups

NFL Insider and ESPN journalist Adam Schefter on Thursday shared an update from NFL saying that a man named Ken Francis, a non NFLPA ensured specialist, is reaching groups and endeavoring to push for a Lamar Jackson exchange.

“NFL sent an update to all clubs telling them that the NFLPA informed the association that an individual by the name of Ken Francis, who isn’t a NFLPA ensured specialist, might be reaching groups and endeavoring to convince group faculty to go into talks with Lamar Jackson,” Schefter said in a tweet.

“NFL reminder said groups are restricted from arranging offer sheets or possible exchanges with people not affirmed by the NFLPA. Any group that jars be fined $54,409, which is the fine sum for 2023,” the ESPN detailed said in another tweet.Who is Ken Francis? Ken Francis is a Florida man who most as of late was pitching a home wellness innovation.

Who is Ken Francis? Florida man illegally negotiates with #NFL teams for Lamar Jackson

— MARCA in English (@MARCAinENGLISH) March 23, 2023

As indicated by Tom Pelissero’s Twitter post, Francis is presently attempting to arrange a nine-figure contract with NFL groups, who are being advised they’re not permitted to haggle with him since he’s not an ensured specialist.

“Quit Lying that man never attempted to haggle for me,” Jackson composed on Twitter soon after the news broke that Francis isn’t haggling for his benefit.

Up until this point, the NFL went to send an association wide reminder to address contact among groups and Ken Francis. In any case, Jackson guarantees he’s not haggling for his benefit.

“I don’t represent Lamar,” Francis told Fowler. He prevented he’s reached groups for sake from getting the quarterback.

“He’s colleagues with Jackson on versatile exercise center hardware and that is the degree of their transactions,” as indicated by Francis.

This Lamar Jackson adventure has been nuts all along, and it ain’t dialing back. The Ravens gave him a non-select delicate half a month prior, so he is allowed to haggle with different groups yet Baltimore has first dibs to match any proposition. Presently, somebody named Ken Francis is cold pitching clubs attempting to inspire them to address Lamar in light of the fact that the well seems to have evaporated.

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