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Who is Michael Keetley? Florida ice cream man guilty of double murder over a decade ago

Michael Keetley was seen as at fault for two counts of homicide and four counts of endeavored murder
Sergio and Juan Guitron died in the shooting, while the others made due
Keetley was condemned to life in jail without any chance to appeal from May 26 at 9 am

Michael Keetley, a previous frozen yogurt transporter from Florida, on Tuesday, was viewed as at legitimate fault for two counts of homicide and four counts of endeavored murder for killing two brothers and harming four others a long time back.

Who is Michael Keetley? Michael Keetley executed the wrongdoing on Thanksgiving Day in 2010 when Keetley supposedly looked for vengeance at some unacceptable home and shot six men who were playing a card game and drinking lager on the entryway patio of a house in Ruskin, Florida.

Sergio and Juan Guitron died in the shooting, while the others made due. Examiners guarantee that Keetley was looking for vengeance for an occurrence that occurred 11 months earlier when he was ransacked, pounded, and shot in the hand and shoulder while working from his blue frozen yogurt truck.

During the preliminary, a specialist who treated Keetley’s projectile broke hand and shoulder affirmed that the wounds would have made it challenging for him to utilize a gun.

Dr David Halpern made sense of that the shooting had harmed a nerve in Keetley’s arm that controls development in the hands and fingers. Keetley’s lawyer inquired as to whether he would have any capacity to broaden his fingers, thumb, or wrist in his right hand, and Dr Halpern addressed no to every one of the inquiries.

The lawyer likewise made sense of that racking a shotgun takes two hands to work, and it would be trying for Keetley to work a shotgun because of his broad wounds.

Jury finds ice cream truck driver #MichaelKeetley guilty.

— Brandi Churchwell (@BrandiNChurch) March 28, 2023

In any case, during questioning, Jennifer Johnson, partner state lawyer utilized a water jug to show that it very well might be troublesome, however not feasible, for Keetley to hold an item in his right hand.

That’s what johnson showed assuming the water bottle is taken, and fingers are moved far removed and set into his hand, he can grasp and hold it. Dr Halpern affirmed that Keetley had the strength, albeit decreased, in his right hand to hold something put there.

The jury likewise heard from Jacqueline Burgess, Keetley’s sister’s mother by marriage, who saw Keetley and his folks for Thanksgiving Supper at her child and little girl in-regulation’s home around early afternoon upon the arrival of the shooting. She said she never saw Keetley utilize his right hand, and that his mom needed to cut his nourishment for him.

Notwithstanding the declarations from Dr Halpern and Burgess, Keetley was tracked down blameworthy all in all and countenances life in jail without any chance to appeal. The adjudicator set a condemning date of May 26 at 9 a.m.

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