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Who is Norma Hale? Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale’s mother shared gun control posts on social media

Audrey Robust, a 28-year-old from Nashville, started shooting at the Contract School on Monday, Walk 27, 2023. While they were shot and killed by answering officials, Robust had figured out how to shoot three kids and three grown-ups inside the school lethally. They were a previous understudy of a similar school.

Trigger admonition: This article contains notices of a school shooting which may not be reasonable for all. Tact is encouraged.

Disclaimer: There is disarray about the shooter’s orientation personality and this article will utilize they/them pronouns while alluding to the shooter.

Nashville school shooter Audrey Sound’s mom, Norma Solidness, had all the earmarks of being a firearm control dissident from her web-based entertainment posts. Norma additionally transferred a few posts about weapon brutality and how firearms ought to be avoided schools. She had even shared a request for a similar reason.

In 2018, Norma Robust transferred a post on Facebook explicitly to keep weapons out of schools. That very year, she likewise shared a request encouraging legislators to “Make Enormous Limit Weapon Magazines Unlawful.” Following the shooting, Norma Robust said that she lost her youngster subsequent to reviewing her own mindfulness about firearm control.

The shootout at the Christian school in Nashville by Audrey Robust killed six individuals, including three nine-year-old understudies. Unexpectedly, Robust’s mom Norma has been a firearm control lobbyist and has been exceptionally vocal about it via web-based entertainment stages.

Norma had shared a request from the Sandy Snare Commitment Establishment in February 21, 2018, requesting that legislators “Make Enormous Limit Firearm Magazines Unlawful.”

In Walk 2018, she transferred a post where she composed that it was vital to keep firearms out of school The post appeared to have been from the Sandy Snare Commitment Establishment too.

In her Facebook posts, Norma appeared to be a glad mother and has been filling in as an organizer beginning around 2008, at the Town House of prayer, a Nashville church. The equivalent is additionally referenced on her LinkedIn profile. Norma Sound went to the School of Wooster in 1979. Audrey Robust’s mom likewise posted a heart emoticon and imparted a photograph to “I (love) God” composed on it.

At the point when Audrey Solidness intrigued a teacher at Nossi School of Workmanship, Norma composed that she was glad for her kid.

Nonetheless, since the shooting, Norma Robust has requested that individuals regard her security. Taking note of that it was an extremely difficult stretch for the family, Norma said that the family needs time to adapt to the outcomes of the shooting.

From Audrey Hale’s drawings. Seems normal.

Who is Wendy? His mother’s name is Norma, dad is Ron. (Public records.)

— Tickle (@TickleTexts) March 27, 2023

Examining officials figured out that Audrey Solidness didn’t have a past lawbreaker record. Despite the fact that it was affirmed that Robust was a transsexual individual, Nashville specialists at first alluded to them with she/her pronouns. In any case, Solidness’ LinkedIn page recorded their pronouns as he/him.

On the morning of the shooting, Robust purportedly entered the Contract School handgun and somewhere around two attack rifles. They then started shooting and were shooting until two police officers shot and killed them.

Upon additional examination, specialists found that Robust had moved toward going after undoubtedly another area yet didn’t do as such as it was vigorously protected. The shooter was moreover “ready for a showdown with policing,” to a proclamation that police found.

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