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Who Was Antonia Lofaso’s Husband Heavy D?

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Dwight Arrington Myers, conspicuously known as Weighty D (born May 24, 1967; died November 23, 2011), was a famous American hip-jump rapper, entertainer, and music maker who caused disturbances in the last part of the 1980s and the mid 1990s. The hip-bounce legend was a significant power in the rap world. Scrutinize on to figure out more about the rapper.

Weighty D was Born Dwight Arrington Myers Dwight Arrington Myers, prevalently known as Weighty D, was born on May 24, 1967, in Mandeville, Jamaica, to his mom, Eulahle Lee, and his dad Clifford Vincent Myers. His mom was a medical caretaker by calling while his dad was a machine specialist.

While he was a small kid, his family moved from Jamaica to Mount Vernon, New York, which was where he was prepared.

It isn’t known whether the rapper has any kin or on the other hand in the event that he is a lone offspring of his folks, as such data has not been revealed to any source.

The craftsman was an extraordinarily appealling rapper and was the head of the gathering named Weighty D and The Boyz, the gathering included different vocalists like G-Wonder (Glen Parrish), Inconvenience T. Roy (Troy Dixon), and Eddie F (Edward Ferrell) and was the primary gathering to get embraced to Uptown Records.

As a rapper, Weighty D had an approach to mixing hip-bounce and R&B. He has likewise functioned as a maker for notable craftsmen like Mary J Blige and Soul seriously.

The Weighty D and The Boyz bunch made their most memorable music debut in 1987 with the collection named Enjoying the high life.

The collection was a colossal achievement, in spite of the fact that they had different assortments like Big Tyme, which had four hits.

Weighty D and The Boyz started to experience more approval and commonness in media outlets and news sources after they sang the signature melody for the TV program Living Tone and furthermore MADtv. The gathering’s biggest hit melody was Now That We Found Love which depended on a cover form of an exemplary O’Jays tune by the reggae band Third World.

The melody made it to No. 5 on Board’s R&B/Hip Bounce Tunes diagram, and it sold more than 3.5 million collections.

The rapper additionally did a few coordinated efforts with other noticeable performers like Michael Jackson in his hit single, Jam.

He likewise highlighted in a remix of Janet Jackson’s hit single Okay. Weighty D likewise worked together with Q-Tip, Cee-Lo, Quincy Jones, B.B. Ruler, and Cognac (revamp of Micheal Jackson’s “Rock With You” for Jones). He later enjoyed some time off to wander into acting and got back to the music outlines with the melody Nuttin Yet Love.

Not all Weighty D and The Boyz collection were hit tunes which is very typical for each music gathering or solo craftsman.

Their collection “Blue Funk” didn’t do so well in the business market contrasted with their different collections. In 1994, Weighty D chose to leave the gathering and set out alone, which prompted his recording of the hit collection “Waterbed Hev” in 1997 and he went on to do coordinated efforts with B.B Lord on his two part harmony’s collection “Deuces Wild,” where he showed his rapping abilities in the melody Keep it Coming. Weighty D has additionally done some music with the late Famous B.I.G showing up in his music video “Another Opportunity”.

The gathering along the line lost one of their performers, Inconvenience T. Roy (Troy Dixon), at 22 years old, on July 25, 1990, in Indianapolis.

The vocalist was said to have fallen 30 feet from a third-level slope at Market Square Field while attempting to keep away from a barrel moving towards him. The gathering made a recognition melody named Quiet Excursion in 1991, and afterward again Pete Rock and CL Smooth felt free to make an accolade for Inconvenience T. Roy named They Think back Over You (T.R.O.Y).

In October 2011, Weighty D had a live execution at the 2011 BET Hip Bounce Grants. It was his first live presentation in quite a while. This occasion occurred a month prior to his demise.

Other than his being a fruitful rap craftsman, Weighty D was likewise an entertainer and made his film debut in an episode of the television series Booker. He additionally highlighted in the 1999 film Life as Jake prior to going on to join the cast of the TV program Boston Public. He likewise showed up in a supporting job as a FBI specialist in the film Big Difficulty close by Omar Epps.

Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that Bens family friend is ANTONIA LOFASO FROM FOOD NETWORK?!?! #TheBachelorette

— Caroline Hertzberg (@chertzie1) December 16, 2020

In 2003, she was highlighted in the supporting cast as Bernard for the sitcom Tracy Morgan Show.

A portion of his different films are Residing Single, Life, An Alternate World, Roc, The Juice House Rules, Bones, Move forward, New Jersey Drive, Pinnacle Heist, and others.

How Did Weighty D Meet His Accomplice, Antonia Lofaso? It is as yet indistinct how Weighty D met his significant other, Antonia Lofaso, or when they got hitched, yet they were a joyfully hitched couple and lived respectively as husband and spouse for quite a long time before the rapper elapsed on. They likewise shared a girl named Xea Myers.

Antonia Lofaso was born on 23rd November 1976. She is a capable American gourmet specialist, television character, and cookbook writer who has partaken in a few culinary rivalries. Weighty D’s better half once functioned as a supervisor at Sean Brushes eatery, after which she found a new line of work to fill in as a gourmet specialist at the Los Angeles cafés Foxtail and Spago.

She isn’t just a culinary expert, however she is likewise a television character. She has included as a competitor on season four of the opposition series named Top Culinary expert, otherwise called Top Gourmet specialist: Chicago. She additionally went further to show up on season eight of the Top Gourmet expert television series known as Top Cook Duels, where she got to contend with Mike Isabella, who had once beaten her on Top Culinary specialist: All-Stars.

As of now her persistent effort has paid off as she is currently co-proprietor and the leader gourmet expert at the Los Angeles eateries Bootleg market Alcohol Bar (2011-present), DAMA (2018-present), and Scopa Italian Roots (2013-present). Weighty D Died At 44 years old The awful occasion happened on the eighth of November 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Weighty D fell beyond his Beverly Slopes home coming back from shopping and was raced to Cedars-Sinai Clinical Center, where he in the end died.

The rapper died at 44 years old and it was accounted for that he died because of a respiratory issue which happens when there is a blood coagulation in the lungs (Pneumonic Embolism).

There have been no references to what the demise of the rapper has meant for his family, yet we as a whole know that terrible a friend or family member is extraordinarily challenging to manage. In view of how cozy Weighty D and Antonia were, she probably battled with his passing yet must areas of strength for be her girl.

Xea Myers sure misses her father an extraordinary arrangement as she imparted a nearby cling to her dad.

The VIP kid has since taken to her Instagram page to communicate the amount she misses her father, refering to the amount she misses the minutes they shared.

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