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Who was Kayleigh Scott? Transgender United Airlines flight attendant dies in apparent suicide at 25

Kayleigh Scott, a transsexual airline steward is dead at 25 years old from an evident self destruction She broadly showed up in a Unified Carriers business

Kayleigh Scott, a transsexual airline steward who broadly showed up in a Unified Carriers business, is dead at 25 years old from an evident suicide.She was tracked down dead Monday in her Denver, Colorado loft. Without further ado before the police found her body, she posted via web-based entertainment about wanting to take her life.
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“As I take my last breaths and leave this living earth, I might want to apologize to everybody I let down. I am so sorry I was unable to be better. To those that I love, I’m sorry I was unable to be more grounded. To those that gave me their beginning and end, I’m sorry my work was not responded.

Kindly comprehend that me leaving isn’t an impression of you, yet the consequence of my own powerlessness to turn myself to improve things. To Ashley, Cynthia, Regine and Sophia. I am so grieved. If it’s not too much trouble, recall me for the great recollections we have shared, and never for my defeat. I will see you all in the future on the opposite side. Brianna, I’m coming,” she composed on Instagram.

On Monday, transgender flight attendant Kayleigh Scott was found dead in her Colorado home just hours after posting to Instagram that she was planning to end her life.

Scott, 25, gained notoriety after being featured in a 2020 Transgender Day of Visibility ad campaign for United…

Concerned fans ran to her post and overflowed in with remarks with many saying they were calling the police in Denver to direct a government assistance check. “Denver will do a government assistance really look at this moment,” one of them composed.

Her sister, Ashley, remarked on the post affirming Kayleigh’s passing. “To all who have remarked and those watching this post, Kay has passed. Much obliged to you for your anxiety and overflow of adoration for her. We will miss her so much,” she wrote in the remarks.

Police in Denver are researching her passing. The city’s clinical inspector is yet to decide an authority reason for death.

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