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Woozy The Goat’s grandparents: Who are Donald and Kathy McRoberts?

Davionne McRoberts, Woozy The Goat has been arrested after his grandparents
Granddad Donald McRoberts, Mack was a previous military cop
Grandma Kathy McRoberts functioned as a servant at an inn in St. Charles

Davionne McRoberts, a 25-year-old rapper known as Woozy The Goat, has been arrested after his grandparents were seen as killed in their home. McRoberts strolled into a mental ward canvassed in blood and guaranteed he was God, prompting his detainment. Twofold homicide accusations are supposed to be documented against him sometime in the afternoon.

Who are Donald and Kathy McRoberts? Donald and Kathy McRoberts were a darling couple who lived in St. Louis, Missouri. Donald, who everybody called “Mack,” was a previous military cop who was extremely glad for his administration.

Kathy functioned as a servant at an inn in St. Charles, where she met Pamela McRoberts, Donald’s sister, quite a long time back. Pamela portrayed the couple as “the most lovely individuals you’d at any point hope to meet.”

Two or three’s lives were unfortunately stopped when they were viewed as killed in their home. Their granddaughter had required a government assistance check when she couldn’t contact them, and police found their bodies. It is accepted that they were killed by their grandson.

St. Louis rapper who goes by the name “Woozy the Goat,” has been accused of shooting and killing his own grandparents.

— New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) March 23, 2023

As per reports, Davionne experienced a psychological episode and had been posting unhinged messages on Facebook in the days paving the way to the supposed homicide. He professed to be God, said that he would rework the Holy book, and offered other upsetting expressions. A couple of days before the supposed homicide, he even appeared at Pamela’s home and said that they were all going to die.

In spite of Pamela’s interests about Davionne’s way of behaving, Donald had gotten over it and said that he wasn’t stressed. Notwithstanding, obviously Davionne was battling with his psychological well-being, and the misfortune might have possibly been forestalled assuming he had gotten help before.

Davionne is right now being held in a mental ward and is supposed to have to deal with twofold homicide penalties. The examination concerning Donald and Kathy’s demises is as yet progressing, and it indistinct precisely occurred upon the arrival of their homicide.

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