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Daycare worker charged after taping 2-year-old girl’s mouth shut

A Massachusetts childcare specialist has been captured and charged after a mother guaranteed that the lady taped her kid’s mouth shut.

Amy Li, a representative at Here We Develop Childcare in Randolph, supposedly positioned tape over the little kid’s mouth last Thursday, Boston 25 News detailed.

The young lady’s mom, Nyasia Holmes, told the media source that Li, 26, confessed to taping her girl’s mouth shut when she got her from the childcare.

“She was simply attempting to cover her tracks since there was an individual who saw what befell my girl,” said Holmes.

Holmes said that a colleague saw the episode and revealed it to the childcare’s chief.

Nonetheless, Holmes doesn’t completely accept that that Li gave her an exact portrayal of what really happened at the childcare, which her girl had gone to for north of a year.

In a Facebook post, Holmes said an observer told her that Li put veiling tape over her girl’s mouth and made her demonstration a “thinking seat” after she had a hissy fit so she wouldn’t awaken different youngsters, who were resting at that point.

Daycare worker charged after taping 2-year-old girl’s mouth shut

— Josh Mankiewicz (@JoshMankiewicz) February 23, 2023

“For what reason did you think it was OK to place a 2-year-old in a reasoning seat and hinder her breathing and talking?” she addressed. “I’m irate that she presented my kid to that sort of torment.”

Holmes promptly recorded a report with the Randolph Police Division and the Branch of Youngsters and Families.

The following day, she met with Li and the childcare chief. Holmes said she needs to know why she needed to report the occurrence to the police and not the childcare.

The infuriated mother said she doesn’t accept “this was a one-time episode.”

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