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Thieves steal $500K in jewelry in broad daylight NYC heist

Two hoodlums grabbed $500,000 in gems in the wake of blasting into a Sovereigns diamond shop and beating an old worker Wednesday, cops said.

The men raced into Precious stone Gather close to Sovereign Road and 39th Road in Midtown Flushing around 2:30 p.m.

As per police, the gem hoodlums “punched, kicked and struck a 79-year-old female worker in the head with a handgun.”

Video of the burglary shows one of the men pushing past the lady as she thrashes at his feet.

Thieves steal $500K in jewelry in broad daylight NYC heist via @nypmetro

His covered accomplice — with a reusable shopping sack in one hand — whips a firearm out from his belt as the old store laborer lifts her hand over her head justifiably.

In another clasp, the lady should be visible cringing on the floor as glass from a messed up gems nook falls around her.

The two shoplifters eliminated about $500,000 worth of product prior to escaping by walking toward Sovereign Road.

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