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Who is Steven Montano? Chicago man charged with murdering police officer Andres Vasquez-Lasso

Steven Montano has been accused of killing a cop
Montano was contending with a lady he was dating about their relationship and living game plan
Vasquez-Tether, the cop was shipped to a neighborhood medical clinic, where he was articulated dead

Steven Montano, a Chicago man who has been accused of killing a cop on Wednesday was requested to be held in prison with no bond.

Who is Steven Montano? Montano has been accused of first-degree murder, impeding detailing abusive behavior at home, and disturbed release of a gun after supposedly killing Chicago Cop Andres Vasquez-Rope. A Cook Region judge denied cling to Montano, as per FOX Chicago.

Montano began to contend with a 37-year-elderly person, whom he was dating about their relationship and living plan. He purportedly attempted to hit her, who then moved far removed. He then, at that point, took steps to get his firearm.

The 37-year-old went out and called 911 to report that he had a weapon. He was following her, took her telephone from her hands and hung it up. He supposedly hurled her telephone in the wake of holding tight 911.

The police showed up at their home since they likewise returned home contending. They saw Montano was holding something accepted to be a firearm.

Thug went unprosecuted for felony aggravated battery w/ firearm charge last July

Now allegedly murdered a Chicago cop

Andres Vasquez-Lasso, 32, was shot and killed by Steven Montano, 18

Alderman Lopez describes perp as a well known gang member who causes a lot of problems

— National Conservative (@NatCon2022) March 5, 2023

Montano dropped a weapon and magazine at a neighbors house before he got it back and placed the magazine into the gun, investigators expressed. The man inquired as to whether he could conceal the weapon in a carport that they were remaining in, however they declined.

He then went into the carport and ran into the terrace of a home that was associated.

Vasquez Tether saw Montano running and escaped his vehicle when a foot pursue began. Montano was pursued into a schoolyard and yelled various orders to quit running yet he denied.

At the point when Montano saw that Vasquez Rope was just feet behind him, he pointed his gun at the official, which prompted the official shooting back. Vasquez-Rope discharged two shots and hit Montano in the space of his mouth.

Vasquez-Tether was moved to a nearby emergency clinic, where he was articulated dead. Montano has one past capture from last year when he purportedly ran from a taken vehicle that was needed in a shooting.

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