Angry Youth Serve Thieves With “koko” And Bread, After Beating Him

After being brought to the Eastern Regional Hospital, one of the suspects died.

The incident happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

After attempting to steal large aluminum cooking pots from a Chop bar operator in Betom, the two victims and other accomplices who escaped were supposedly arrested by the local.

The mob brutalized and tormented the two suspects, inflicting nail and cutlass wounds on them. The mob dragged and abandoned the suspects in the Apenteng Hall area, believing they were at risk of being killed.

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This drew a big crowd early in the morning, with some throwing things at the suspects, who were bleeding from many injuries.

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One of the suspects pleaded for water, porridge, and bread, which were generously provided by a compassionate stranger.


After police arrived, they were taken to the Eastern Regional Hospital, where one of them was reportedly pronounced dead.

Theft and burglary cases have become all too common in the New Juaben Municipality, inflaming locals’ fury.

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Several people have been arrested in various areas across the municipality this year as a result of similar mob actions.

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