“Bride Price Is Like Selling A Female Child Out As A Product In The Market, It Must Be Cancelled” || Wisebaba


A Nigerian Twitter enthusiast, known as wisebaba, is of the opinion that bride price must be canceled as, to him, it means the female child is being sold out as a product in the market, which shouldn’t be.

To this end, Wisebaba is admonishing feminists to work hard on canceling bride prices, some of which are so outrageous.

What particularly irks Wisebaba is the fact that these bride prices are paid on some ladies who are normally not ‘disvirgined’, in his words, by the people who pay for them.

He believes the idea of paying bride price is shameful and must be cut out; but is it feasible that something that has been practiced for decades can just be abolished all of a sudden?

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Wisebaba wrote on Twitter; “I think Feminists should fight very hard to eradicate Bride price. It simply means the female child is been sold out like a product in the market. Shameful”.

“No be me disvirgin you and you want make I pay huge amount as bride price. Second-hand punani,” he added.

@marayah2321 believes it’s part of the people’s culture and wanting it to be discarded is problematic. “The way y’all want us to just dispose of every single part of our culture is disturbing. The significance of bride price is simply to test your ability to take care of our daughter. In most places, it’s nothing more than 50 naira. A kind father in law would even give it back,” she wrote.

@john_techbee side with Wisebaba as he also described it as an ugly practice.

“I think it’s an ugly practice/test to put a price on a human being. Humans should be priceless. And let’s stop the “our culture” argument already. W Humans make culture, we are the creators NOT slaves of culture. So when a culture is identified as be unwholesome, we should end it,” he says.

@DumebiTheWriter believes the bride price is paid not for the lady but compensation to the family.

“I don’t think bride price is payment for a lady. I don’t know for in your tradition, but in Igbo, bride price is a seen as a sort of compensation the man pays the family of the lady for “taking their daughter to live with them”, that’s why bride price is returned,” she made her point.

What do you think about the payment of the bride price? Share your thoughts!

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