Could This Be The Secret Behind The ‘Charlie Charlie’ Game?

The Charlie Charlie challenge is a demonic modern incarnation of the Spanish paper-and-pencil game called Juego de la Lapicera (Pencil Game).

Like a Magic 8-Ball, the game is played by teenagers using held or balanced pencils to produce answers to questions they ask. Teenage girls have played Juego de la Lapicera for generations in Spain and Hispanic America, asking which boys in their class like them

A screenshot sited on WhatsApp by Nsemsisi News Blog stating how the ‘Charlie Charlie’ game works, it’s ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ and what the spirit can do to you.

Here’s what the screenshot message said:

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Charlie Charlie: Charlie Charlie is a game that is not for the faint of heart. To play the game, you need a paper and two pencils, then on each side of the paper, you alternate YES or NO.

You place one pencil vertically and the other diagonally, then you ask the spirit of Charlie Charlie if he wants to play if he takes too long or says NO, destroy the paper and pencil, then use Holy Water and Blood of Lamb to purify it. If he says YES, then ask only three questions. More than that and you might die.

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Never ask Charlie Charlie to show himself. After all three, destroy the paper and lock the room for three days, if you still feel the presence of Charlie Charlie, call a priest or exorcist and leave the house. On no account should you stay in the house if Charlie Charlie is still persisted, It spells death.

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