Dramatic moment as woman weds the Holy Spirit in a colourful ceremony [Watch]


A Kenyan woman named Elizabeth Nalem, has abandoned her husband on claims that God asked her to get married to the Holy Spirit for her to spread the word of God.

During the event, Mrs Nalem was escorted by workmates and businesswomen who cheered her up as she gave her promise and “hand in marriage to the Holy Spirit”.

According to Christianity, the Holy Spirit is the third “person” in the Holy Trinity of God. The others are God and Jesus Christ.

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Dressed in a wedding gown and flanked by cheering women, bewildered villagers, an enthusiastic pastor, and a stunned husband, Mrs Nalem said “I do” to the Holy Spirit at Chelang’a Gardens, a hotel in Makutano.

To officiate the ceremony was Pastor Albert Rumaita of the Makutano Anglican Church of Kenya.

“I have served the world for all my years, but now the Holy Spirit has directed me to serve the almighty God. The holy spirit drove me to Pastor Rumaita, who bought the wedding dress, organised this ceremony and even hired cars to escort me here,” Mrs Nalem said at the ceremony.

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She said she had sought the consent of her husband with whom they have six children, but he declined.

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At the Tuesday evening ceremony, a stunned Mr Nalem watched in bewilderment as the love of his life “exchanged” vows with another “person”. The couple has been married for 20 years.

“I am perturbed. I paid 22 cows and 15 goats for my wife and right now she is having a wedding with the Holy Spirit. This is unbelievable,” said a shocked Mr Nalem.

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