Fatima, Ali, Berla, others win at Date Rush Viewers Choice Awards; see full list


The most anticipated TV3 Date Rush Viewers Choice Awards came off last Sunday, July 4, 2021, at the network’s studios in Accra.

The awards scheme with a total of 10 categories saw the likes of Fatima, Ali, Cilla, Berla, Stephanie, and other popular contestants winning on the night.

Some of the awardees appeared surprised when announced as winners, with the explanation that they were not expecting to win.

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Ali, for instance, said he was not expecting to win the most popular male of the episode, and for that matter, he was lost for words.

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Here is the Full list of Date Rush Viewers Choice Awards gathered for our cherished readers:

Most hilarious male – Nominees: Rockson, Ali, Desmond, Jeremiah, Sebastine, Ima

Winner: Desmond

Most hilarious female Nominees: – Fatima, Bella, Ruth, Stephanie, Ruby, Cindy, Cilla.

Winner: Cilla.

Most trended males Nominees: – Desmond, Blessing, Ali, Quecy, Granpa, Sebastine, Ray. Winner: Ali

Most trended female – Nominees: Fatima, Bella, Success, Stephanie, Ruby, Ruth, Cindy, Rose, Sandra, Cecilia. Winner: Fatima.

Gnasher on the season:
Rockson, Quecy, Clement, Sebastine, Ruth, Cindy. Winner: Rockson

Most vocal male – Nominees: Desmond, Quecy, Sammy, Clement. Winner: Quecy

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Most vocal female – Nominees: Bella, Ruth, Anita, Success, Alberta, Stephanie. Winner: Stephanie .

Drama king of the season: Nominees: Sammy, Grandpa, Rockson, Ali, Quecy, Ali, Jeremiah. Winner: Sammy

Drama Queen: Nominees: Fatima, Bella, Anita, Ruth, Ruby, Rose, Aisha, Stephanie, Alberta. Winner: Bella.

Most romantic male – Nominess: Dzato, Kingsley, Bebelino, Ray, Ima, Benjamin. Winner: Benjamin, Anita’s date.

Most romantic female – Nominees: Success, Grace, Sandra, Shemimah, Frema, Ines, Stephanie. Winner: Success

Freshest male – Nominees: Raymond, Dzato, Benjamin, Ima, Mark Mortin, Process. Winner: Process

Freshest female – Nominees: Jennifer, Rose, Ines, Sandra, Bibi, Alberta, Success, Ellen, Candibell, Stephanie. Winner: Ellen.

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Most popular male: Nominees: Desmond, Raymond, Blessings, Ali, Quecy, Rockson, Grandpa. Winner: Ali.

Most popular female – Nominees: Fatima, Bella, Stephanie, Success, Ruth, Shemimah, Anita, Ruby. Winner: Fatima.

Most controversial couple Nominees – Sandra and Bebelino, Shemimah, Ruby, Ray and Cecilia, Grandpa and Susan. Winner: Bebelino and Sandra.

Overall best couple Nominees: – Ali and Shemimah, Grace and Dzato, Raymond and Cecilia, Berla and Kodak, Sandra and Bebelino, Benjamin and Anita Winner: Dzato and Grace .

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